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Here’s A Handy Way Of Measuring Your Success In Sales…

A salesperson attended one of our programmes recently and asked ‘how many ways are there to measure whether you are successful, other than meeting your sales quota?’ It’s a good question and many people would say there’s probably only one success factor that matters; hitting your figures each month. But is it possible that you could be successful by other…

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4 Quick Tips For The Up & Coming Sales Manager

Very often, we see top quality salespeople made up to be sales manager and expected to deliver immediate success, as if they already have the necessary skills to succeed in that role. Think about it; just because they have been successful in one position doesn’t automatically ensure success in another. Many salespeople are excellent at organising themselves, can sell very…

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Here’s A Sales Challenge That Guarantees Results…

Occasionally, I set a challenge to my sales team and they enjoy it as much as I do, as it stretches them but it also challenges them to do something they should be doing on a regular basis anyway. It’s a challenge in which everyone wins…the team, everyone around them and also our clients. It’s risk-free, costs nothing and motivates…

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Two Things That Kill Motivation In Salespeople

A salesperson once said on one of our training programmes that no manager he had ever worked for had been a true ‘motivator’. He went on to describe how no-one he had worked for had even tried to find out what drove him forward and what would make him get up in the morning buzzing and eager to get to…

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Practice Makes Perfect – Kick Out Mediocrity

I read an interesting article in the Guardian last Friday about how young Dutch footballer’s skills are perfected by their coach. The method? They get them to actually kick the ball 10,000 times a day in sets of 100-200 repetitions at a time. They work with their young players in various drills. A mixture of toe-touches, dribbles, Cruyff turns and…

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The Sales Manager’s Guidebook – Everything You Need To Become A Top Performing Sales Manager

The Sales Manager’s Guidebook contains a wealth of valuable information for sales managers, split up into 3 manageable volumes which cover the main aspects of sales management. From the Guidebook you will learn… How to create a sales plan for you and your team How to recruit new sales staff How to develop your sales management skills How to build…

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The Importance Of Coaching In Sales Leadership Development

Training Alone Won’t Develop Sales Leaders UK companies spent a combined £13 billion on sales training last year. They made this investment with the hope that training would dramatically improve their top line growth by transforming their average sales reps into good ones, and their good reps into all-stars. But research on traditional sales training reveals a dramatically different story:…

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Is Your Top Revenue Earner Actually Your Best Salesperson?

I have had many debates over the years about what makes a great sales person and the one thing I have always argued is that the amount of revenue they produce should not be the only key factor. Let me give you an example based on Formula One (F1) racing. The reason the drivers strive to be in the top…

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How Sales Managers Can Encourage Performance

As a sales manager, there are many responsibilities that you hold in terms of results as well as performance. You’re paid for the results you achieve; the more you achieve , the more successes you can measure. All; managers realise they have to employ people to do the job for them. If you rely solely on your own skills, your…

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Jack Welch’s Sales Management Concepts

Jack Welch has been voted one of the most influential managers of the twentieth century, and the effects of his style is still being felt today. He was the CEO of General Electric (GE) from 1982 till 2001. To start evaluating his managers, Jack implemented a system of measuring performance based on characteristics that ‘graded’ them against certain criteria. The…

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