The Sales Manager’s Guidebook – Everything You Need To Become A Top Performing Sales Manager

The Sales Manager’s Guidebook contains a wealth of valuable information for sales managers, split up into 3 manageable volumes which cover the main aspects of sales management.

From the Guidebook you will learn…

  • How to create a sales plan for you and your team
  • How to recruit new sales staff
  • How to develop your sales management skills
  • How to build and develop your sales team
  • How to solve common sales performance problems
  • How conduct successful appraisals with your team


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So what exactly is in each volume?


Sales Manager’s Guidebook –
Volume 1

Sales Planning & Target Setting

Volume 1 will teach you…

  • How to create a sales plan
  • How to set sales targets
  • How to develop an appropriate management style
  • How to take over new sales teams
  • How to manage the sales effort
  • How to recruit and select sales staff


Sales Manager’s Guidebook –
Volume 2

Leading & Motivating Your Sales Team

Volume 2 will teach you…

  • How to develop your leadership skills
  • How to motivate team members
  • How to set standards of performance
  • How to manage team discipline
  • How to build and develop your team



Sales Manager’s Guidebook –
Volume 3

Managing Sales Performance

Volume 3 will teach you…

  • How to effectively solve problems
  • How to improve your decision-making skills
  • How to manage both your own and your teams time effectively
  • How to improve your negotiation skills
  • How to conduct a successful appraisal of your sales teams’ performance


Download Your Sales
Manager’s Guidebook Now

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