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Three Ways Of Asking For the Sale, That ASK For The Sale

In the recent post, “Are You Really Asking For The Order?” I talked about how many sales people suffer with using weak, fearful closes that do not actually ask for the order. A few of them are:

1. Waiting for the prospect to take the initiative and ask for the sale
2. Asking the prospect what they think
3. Using some inducement with the hopes the prospect will initiate the sale

Now let us look at a few more direct and clear ways to ask for the sale that will help you make more money.

#1. Sign Here
There are not too many ways to be more direct when closing than to ask to prospect to put their signature on the order form or contract. Such closing requires a strong and confident sales person, as well as some very tactful wording. Here’s an example:

Sales Person
With order pad or contract in hand, uses pen to direct the prospect’s eyes as he speaks, carefully watching the prospect for reactions, says:

“So Steve, the whole thing looks like this: We have the two dozen cases of the extra-wide widgets, two cases of the medium, and one case of the small. It all comes to only £2,844, plus shipping.”

Sales Person turns the order, placing it and the pen in front of prospect, and saying:

“Now all I need is your OK right there Steve, and I’ll put a rush order on the shipping.”

Like I said, such a close is not for the timid.

#2. The Alternate of Choice
Though many sales people use this method to ask for the order, often they do so with little conviction and strength. Verify order details or logistics by giving the prospect two options, but you have to do it with an assumptive attitude. You have to believe that you are merely verifying the details, or it comes across as a con and the prospect will feel as if you are trying to manipulate them.

Give the prospect the alternative of choice between two buying or logistical options

Sales Person:
“Finally, Sarah, we will deliver, install and test the software. The total comes to £3,400 for the first year and then £425 per year in maintenance fees. Now, do you want to set up the installation for Friday, or the beginning of next week?”

Sales Person:
“The whole thing comes to only £2,844, plus shipping. So, Steve should I put that on a rush order, or our normal 4-day delivery?”

#3. Ask a Closing Question, Shake Hands, Congratulate and Assume the Rest
This also requires confidence. Ask a closing or bridge question, and then assume the sale. By a bridge question, I am referring to that question that simply helps bridge that gap between the end of the sales presentation and the time you strongly ask for the order.

A few I really like are: “Does that make sense?” and “Is that fair enough?” Asks such a question, congratulate the prospect on making a great decision, and start writing up the order. You can also use such a bridge with the above closes as well.

Sales Person:
“Finally, Sarah, we will deliver, install and test the software. The total comes to £3,400 for the first year and then £425 per year in maintenance fees. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah. It looks good.”

Sales Person: Extends hand to shake…
“Great Sarah! Congratulations. You have made one of the best decisions you can possibly make in your IT department. We have a little paperwork to take care of and we’ll be all set…”

Also, use this close combined with the above…

Sales Person:
“The whole thing comes to only £2,844, plus shipping. Is that fair enough, Steve?

“Yeah. It looks like a good rate.”

Sales Person:
“Great Steve. So, Steve should I put that on a rush order, or our normal 4-day delivery?”

It is normal for people to want to put off making a decision. It is your job to help them make that decision and you cannot do that if you do not properly ask them to make a decision.

Before I sign off, here are some more tips on becoming a great sales person:

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
MTD Sales Training

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