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Use Exactly This Phrase At The End Of Your Fact Find

I love experimenting with new phrases and sales approaches – it’s the name of the game!

I’ve been toying with a phrase to use at the end of a fact find and before you present your solutions or go away to draft up a proposal.

It’s really important to make sure that you’ve covered everything you need to match their problem/requirements with one of your solutions but at times you can miss some things out only for the prospect to say “You didn’t win the business because you didn’t include this or ask that”

Well, you’re not a mind reader but there is a fail-safe phrase you can use at the end of your fact find:

  1. To unearth any more requirements/needs that you haven’t ask for
  2. To mention to the prospect if they say that you did not cover something

The phrase is this:

“Thanks for all of the information that you’ve given me. Have I asked you about every detail that’s important to you?”

You could even go one step further if it’s natural to you and ask:

“Thanks for all of the information that you’ve given me. Have I asked you about every detail that’s important to you? I mean, have I missed anything out?”

Our clients are getting great results with this and you can too.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director
MTD Sales Training

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Sean McPheat

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