3 Ways To Lose The Sale After The Prospect Says YES

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There are a thousand and one ways to lose the sale during the sales interaction and during the close.  A poor sales interaction that fails to reach its objectives, or not beingRed Yes able to anticipate or overcome objections, is common to the selling profession.

However, these are situations where the sale is not actually lost, because you never had the sale in the first place. Yet, there are many situations where the sales person loses the sale AFTER the prospect has already agreed to buy.

Below are three sales blunders where the sales person is an “accessory after the fact” in committing the crime of killing a sale!

#1 – Get Too Excited When the Prospect Says YES
You are in a selling situation, closing and asking for the order. The prospect is objecting. You are dealing with the objections, negotiating. The situation is tense and volatile. You have a huge commission at stake and you need it badly.

Finally, the prospect agrees to the offer. The handshake ensues, the tension lifts, and a sense of euphoria envelops you. You spend the commission before filling out the paperwork, and you already have your speech prepared for the next day at the water cooler.

This overwhelming sense of relief and joy changes your body posture, facial expression and tone of voice. To the prospect, as soon as they said yes, you suddenly turned into a person who seems to have just hit the Mega World Lottery.

You have to be careful and aware of your attitude during and after asking for the order.

#2 – Thank You, See Ya, Bye!
Another way to make the prospect instantly want to reverse the sale is suddenly to begin to rush out the door or off the telephone as soon as you hear YES. You were calm, cool and collective throughout the entire sales process. You took your time and explained everything with care and precision. Then, the prospect agreed to buy, and suddenly your time has just run out! You have to wrap up in seconds and get out of there.

You must not only maintain your attitude, but your actions and pace as well. In fact, it is best to slow down a bit after a positive buying decision, which brings me to point number three…

#3 – Screw Up the Paper Work
In rushing the prospect after the buying decision, many sales people mess up the paper work, logistics, or processing and other critical items that are part of the sale.

You have to remember that although the buyer agreed to buy, the sale is not closed. Tell yourself that when the buyer agrees to buy, it is only ONE STEP in the close—because it is.

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 11 July, 2012

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