7 Key Phrases That Will Spark Your Sales Interactions

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woman speakingSalespeople are great conversationalists.

That is, they find it easy to discuss opportunities and possibilities with prospects, listening to their needs and wants, and working with them to deliver great products and services.

But once in a while, you need a pep up, a lifting of the spirits.

Especially if things aren’t going well and sales are drying up.

Well, here are 7 phrases you can use that will add sparkle to your sales interactions, allowing you to build rapport and create interest in you as a salesperson, and your products, too.

1) We’ve seen higher turnover in (product x) because of the changing economic climate

What this does is make the prospect question why that specific product has been affected by the economy

2) When you put the emphasis on xxx, you’ll see better returns on your investment

For most clients, a higher ROI is music to their ears, so when you use language that drives their interest, you see them become more inquisitive

3) Like most of our clients, no doubt you must be experiencing an upturn/downturn/increase/decrease in xxx

That initial phrase ‘Like most of our clients’ says that you are going to share some valuable market information and makes the prospect sit up and take notice

4) Our research has shown that the industry/market has being going in an upward/downward direction over the past days/weeks/months

Again, this shows you’ve done your homework and are sharing something of real value to your client

5) Have you seen this new information from today’s trade journal?

Here, you bring your prospect up-to-date with what’s happening and spark their interest in learning more about the latest news

6) My experience in this field shows that the market is improving/getting better/more profitable, so my recommendation for you is xxx

This puts you in the position of trusted advisor, and helps the prospect trust your opinions and create more opportunities for themselves

7) The key influencers in our industry are seeing an upturn/downturn in the near future, so my suggestion would be that….

You naturally need to be able to prove this statement, but when you do, it helps you build more rapport with the prospect because they want to know what people in the know are saying about what’s happening now and in the future.

What these key phrases do is not only build the relationship between you and the prospect, but also place you in a position of advisor in the prospect’s eyes.

They become interested in your advice, because you have sparked the interaction with something that grabs their attention.

This allows you to progress the conversation and allows you to build your presentation around what is of importance to the prospect themselves.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 22 February, 2018

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