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attract buyersIt’s a beautiful day here and the cricket season is at its height. A batsman will settle himself in before trying to hit the ball to the boundary, or steering it towards the ropes through the off-side (apologies to you non-cricket lovers for the jargon!).

When a batsman strokes the ball well, it can speed to the boundary ropes very quickly, often without it appearing to have been hit very hard. When it hits the bat like that, it’s called the ‘sweet spot’. Batsmen in any sport will tell you the sweet spot or middle of the bat is the area of the blade where you achieve the largest amount of power in the shot you are playing. This can be true of cricket, baseball, tennis and other sports, too.

If a player is able to find that sweet spot, scoring is easy. Many batsmen seem to be able to find the middle of the bat easily, especially those in form. It enables them to score runs even though they may face quality deliveries.

Similarly, buyers all have a ‘sweet spot’, that part of their decision-making ability that creates desire to make a choice. When the seller hits the buyer’s sweet spot’, it increases that desire and makes them think about your solution.

How does this work?

Well, as discussed, the sweet spot achieves the greatest amount of power. So you need to ask yourself, what part of my solution actually provides power to the buyer?

By power, we may mean increased productivity or improved profit for their business. We may be able to increase staff motivation, decrease their staff turnover or build their compliance levels.

Whatever it is your solution provides, think to yourself ‘what is it about my products and services that give power to the decision-maker? What would make them look good to their peers? How can I prove to them that deciding on my solution will be the best solution for their future?’

These questions are seldom asked by the average salesperson. The average will ask ‘How can I sell more of my product? What words can I use to make them choose me?’

Instead, we should be asking, ‘If I could make my prospect’s business look good, how would they benefit? What would make them look powerful in their decision-making?’

By asking these questions, you determine the sweet spots that help prospects make decisions. You create a future-oriented mindset in the buyer’s mind. And you find the main reasons why they should choose your solution.

That’s why buyers buy. If you focus purely on your product, they can’t see the rationale. Concentrate on the sweet spot and see the change immediately.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 15 July, 2014

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