Handle the “No thanks I’m Just Looking” Objection

  It is incredible that three mere words from a total stranger will often create fear, frustration, and feebleness in some of the most experienced retail salespeople. The extremely common response of “I’m just looking” from a prospective customer, causes […]

What Do Our Retail Customers Expect From Us?

When customers step through the door, they expect a certain level of customer service. Your customer will expect an experience that is free-flowing and completely hassle free and can set you apart from your competitors if you do it right. […]

Unearthing Customer Needs In Retail Sales

  Good discovery skills are essential if you are to reach the top level of retail sales: being recognised as a trusted advisor by your customers. When you are in this position people will talk more openly to you and […]

Important Retail Product Knowledge Training Ideas

This may sound a quite simple topic but you really need to have deep understanding of your own product knowledge and general retail knowledge when it comes to selling. There’s much more to it than just understanding features and benefits. […]

Two Quick Retail Sales Tips

I was in Dublin recently with a MAJOR player in the food retail industry and it reminded me of two of the very best retail sales tips that every store should use. So it doesn’t matter what you sell in […]