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Questions marks pinned to cork boardWe all know the benefits of using quality questions in uncovering the current position our prospects are in.

The better the quality of the questions, the more information you will gain.

Now, imagine if there was one simple question you could ask that would uncover a whole load of information.

One question that, when answered, would help you build value in your presentation and enable you to overcome most objections.

Wouldn’t that be a golden arrow in your armoury?

It certainly would, and it would also allow you to take the conversation on at a pace when things might be stalling in the sales process.

So, what’s the one question that will uncover your prospect’s REAL needs and wants?

It’s this:

‘How will you know you’ve made the right choice?’

Let’s analyse some possible answers.

A prospect may say, “Well, I’ll know I’ve made then right choice if my productivity has gone up 10% in the next 6 months”.

Or “I’ll know I’ve made the right choice if our staff turnover decreases by at least 50%”

Or “I’ll know I’ve made the right choice if my customer orders increase by more than 25% over the next three months”

Do you see what this information gives you?

It highlights exactly what the prospect wants from your service or product.

They’re not buying your products….they’re buying the results your products will get for them.

Whatever answer your prospect gives you, you can use it to determine how you can present your product.

For instance, with the first prospect answer above (concerning increase of 10% in productivity), your presentation could include something like this:

“We’ve found that using our new system, many customers have seen their productivity go up by between 12 and 23% in just over 6 months. I can give you some references if you would like. Does that sound like the kind of result that would take you toward your goals?”

You know the answer they will give you, because of their previous comments.

Likewise with the prospect who was talking about the decrease in staff turnover.

Here’s a way you could present the solution:

“Over 75% of our clients who have used our services have seen the motivation and engagement of their staff increase substantially, leading to a reduction in staff leavers and an improvement in talent retention. Let me share some of their comments and show you how they benefited.”

Their answer to the question “How will you know you’ve made the right choice?” gets them to think ahead and analyse how they will judge results. Also, it tells you what’s most important to them in determining the buying choice they will make.

Try it out next time you are working with a client and see if it makes a difference to your discovery and fact-finding. Here’s a webinar on unearthing needs and wants.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 5 September, 2018

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