How To Motivate Your Sales Team

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how do motivate your team signMotivating a Sales Team is mission critical to successes.

However, it is very easy for a sales manager to THINK that he or she is sufficiently motivating the team simply because no one offers any objection or criticism.

Since the sales team is not complaining, I must be doing everything right?


Now in answering this question, let me say that it may not be what you or anyone else expects to hear.

When I talk about motivating a sales team I am NOT talking about some rah-rah pep rallies or how to say the right thing or how to lead a sales meeting that fires people up.

No. I am talking about real, tangible and structural processes and things that you need to do on the ground that help sales people aspire to achieve more and become the best that they can be.

Here are three main motivators for your Sales Team.

Concentrate on these, and the rest will take care of themselves!

Let Your Sales Team Know That The Company Cares

Contrary to popular belief, the primary motivating factor for sales people is NOT the money.

While it is true that most sales people originally join the organisation they work with primarily due to the lure of money, the fact is they STAY because they feel the company cares about them—personally.

Demonstrate to your sales team that you deeply care for them; their personal welfare, their success.

Let them know that you put their success BEFORE yours and the company’s, and they will stay motivated.

Frankly, that is how every Sales Manager should feel anyway.

Think about it: If they fail, you and the company fail.

Their success does come before YOURS!

When Sales people feel like the company puts the bottom line before them; when they feel that the firm only cares about the money and that they are expendable—no amount of money or anything else will motivate them to reach high levels of success.

Number one—let them know you care.

How do you do that? It’s real simple—YOU CARE!

Demonstrate to the sales team that they are the most important people in the firm.

Don’t just talk about it – live it!

Second, Treat Sales People Like The Executives They Are

Treat your sales team like they are true executives; directors, CEOs and give them the support they need to perform as such.

In conjunction with the first rule above, understand that if that sales person does not make a sale, you, the director, the CEO, the founder, the factory, the secretaries, the accounting staff, the development staff—ALL of you are out of a job!!

The sales person is the real chief executive—treat them as such.

Create a sales support system that allows sales people to do what they get paid to do: SELL.

In an effort to save money, too many organisations pile a bunch of crap and non-sales activity tasks on the sales team.

The thought is that you save £25,000 by NOT hiring an administrative person to handle the paperwork.

Why not just let the sales people do it?

Well, you might save the £25,000 salary of the admin person, but you LOSE a million pounds in the process.

Give your sales team sales support to handle those tasks that are not of a selling nature.


In most firms the sales structure is such that the sales person gets paid LAST.

In other words, the sales person goes out and makes the sales and then a ton of things happen; sometimes it is financing or delivery options or collections or bill payments, or any number of things, but think about this: in the mean time everyone else gets paid ANYWAY!!

Everyone gets paid before the SALES PERSON.

Let them know the company cares, treat them like executives and pay them first.

After you do those things, then and only then will all of the motivational speeches make sense; pounds and cents!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 26 June, 2017

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