People Buy For Their Reasons And Not Yours!

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

11 March, 2010

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One of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard in sales is this:

“Always remember that people buy for their own reasons and not yours”

This is so true for a number of reasons and this should be engraved on your office wall!

Your products might be awesome and you’ve got key USP’s and benefits for them but if your buyers have no need or don’t want it, or don’t have the money or the authority to purchase it then you’re onto a loser.

A lot of sales people try to ram their features and benefits down the throat of their prospects without ever really understanding what they want and what their reasons are for purchasing.

You need to uncover their pain first and find out the reasons why they would want your products and services before doing anything! Their reasons come first above all else.

And don’t assume that their reasons will be the same as yours because they’re usually not!

That’s why I always like to say “Make it easy for them to buy, rather than you sell to them”

“Buying” means that they have purchased for their reasons.

“Sold to” means that you have pushed something.

Don’t get me wrong, as long as it’s in the best interests of the client then I do not have a problem with influencing and persuading to get the deal done. Buy still, they must be centred on their reasons and not yours for wanting the sale.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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