Pull Rather Than Push For Successful Selling

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If you want to be really successful at selling then you need to learn how to pull out the problems and the hurt from your clients rather than just pushing your products and services down their throat.

Unfortunately a lot of salespeople attend Sales Training events that promote the “show up and throw up” approach…

“Our products does this….”

“We specialise in that…”

And all of this is done BEFORE they ask any questions or before they pull out any problems or hurt that the prospect if encountering.

Remember, one of your jobs as a salesperson is to solve problems. So there needs to be a problem there before you talk about your solutions.

So focus on pulling out the problems and then once the problems and hurt are there you can then use this to start to solve their problems with of course your products and services!

But make sure the problem is there first and explore this before you do anything.

A doctor does a thorough examination before prescribing any medication. So make sure that you do the same with your selling.

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Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 23 June, 2009

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