The Procrastinator

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Business man checking watchHere’s a question I was emailed from one of my Sales Techniques newsletter subscribers:

Firstly, thanks very much for the tips. I really find them useful. I was wondering if you could help with another type of prospect that I seem to run into a lot. “The Procrastinator”. This is the prospect who seems very interested initially and loves to have a meeting and demonstration etc.. But when you try to get a decision out of them they just say things like “I haven’t decided yet” or “We’re pushing it back for a month or two”. Can you give me some tips on how to bring them back to that feeling of interest in order to push for a decision.

My thoughts on this…

Some things to think about:

– Have you REALLY demonstrated and built the value in your sales pitch?

– Have you talked BENEFITS not features?

– Have you responded to objections with “What do you mean?” to qualify it

– “I need to think about it?” respond with “What specifically do you need to think about?” then build the value again

– Is he/she really the decision maker?

– Bring some sort of scarcity into the pricing. Early bird ordering. Discounts for up front payments etc

– Ask him/her what the next steps are?

– “What do you need to make your decision?” this will find out his/her buying strategy!

Overall, you either haven’t build up the value sufficiently enough to convince the prospect or you have not found out how he/she makes their decisions. These two vital areas are very important for closing deals.

Hope these help?


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 9 November, 2007

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