Where Your Focus Should Be When Presenting Solutions

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Time to focus targetMTD’s trainers and consultants often ask delegates on courses to ‘sell’ their products and services in just 10-15 seconds. It focusses the mind and makes the salesperson think hard about what is the most important element of what they actually sell.

Most delegates say something about what their product or service actually ‘does’. That is, some feature or benefit that tries to highlight why the customer should be ‘wowed’ by what they are selling. Unfortunately, all that does is make the other person have to do all they work. The prospect themselves has to make the link between what the product is and how it will help them or their business.

Bill Brooks in his book ‘The Universal Sales Truths’ states that there are four areas you can focus on in your presentation: Self, company, products and customer. He says that if you focus on the first three, the customer is outnumbered three to one.

When presenting any solution, remember that the prospect never actually is thinking of the product; they are always thinking about what it will do for them or their business. By presenting a feature, you are asking the customer to do the hard work of associating that feature to what they really want to know…what it will do for them.

So, when presenting any solution, start with the benefit they will gain, rather than the features they will get. It goes something like this:

“You know how many people approach their retirement really worried about how they will maintain the standard of living they currently enjoy? Well, our personalised plans offer the security and confidence that stops that worry and helps you look forward to your retirement”.

“Many of our clients want to improve their profitability and productivity, without having to work longer hours and sacrifice personal time. With our new Model XBA214, it helps you do exactly that, by taking over all those mundane tasks you had to do before”.

What you’re doing is highlighting what the end results will be when they use your products or services. They’re not really interested in what the product does, only in what the outcomes will be when they use it.

So, put the emphasis on what the customer will get out of it, and it lessens the mental work they will have to do to equate your product with the outcomes they desire. Put the focus on them, not your product, and make it easy for them to say ‘yes’.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 21 August, 2013

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