Do You Have A Mental Sales Block?

While you may not throw salt over your shoulder when you spill some, or dread the sign of a black cat crossing your path, you may still suffer from a few sales superstitions that block sales success. Negative experiences with certain types of prospects or situations can cause you to preconceive negative outcomes in similar situations.

Conversely, very positive experiences can cause you to begin a negative thought process when those same positive conditions are not present. The result is a preconditioned mind-set that can cost you a ton of sales.

Here are three such mental blocks you want to avoid.

#1: The Pre-Sale Ritual
Performing a certain set of routine exercises to get your mind-set right is a good thing. However, you cannot let your routine become such a ritual that if for some reason you are unable to complete it, you lose your nerve.

If you feel you went into the sales interaction without performing your routine, you can feel ill prepared, unconfident or even afraid. Be careful not to let any set of pre-sales actions become critical to your performance.

#2: That Special Suit or Outfit
Most of us have a special outfit; that suit, tie, blouse or whatever, that makes us feel invincible. While there is no harm in that, it is easy to begin to feel that you close more sales, close bigger sales, or have better success while adorning that certain attire. When this happens, you tend to feel LESS effective in other outfits. Such a superstition will cost you.

#3: Sex and Age
This is a tough one, in that often the fear is real. If you feel you have problems with prospects of a certain age or sex, it is possible that you have problems communicating with that type of person. However, usually it is but a mere phobia.

The last two big sales you lost, the prospect was a senior aged man. When you walk into your next sales interaction and find an older man, fear sets in and a sense of doom blankets your confidence. You fear this one will end as the others and you will not make the sale. Once this feeling materialises, your sales interaction and close becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Selling is a highly subjective business. Be careful not to subject your mind to unwarranted fears.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat MTD Sales Training

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have A Mental Sales Block?”

  1. One of the things that overcome the negative sales mindset is success. Success breeds confidence and confidence can overcome some of the mindset issues you are talking about.

    I remember only one time in which I felt a little intimidated. We were selling to the CEO of a 27 Billion dollar company. He treated us like dirt. He was an ex-McKenzie consultant and had an ego a mile wide. I would like to have that opportunity over again. Would do things a little differently.

    Great post Sean.

    1. You’re so right David.

      In my early career with Barclays I used to have the same feelings when I was around the Senior Management of the bank.

      But I was thrown in at the deep end as a 20 year old so you learn fast!

      Of course, I’d do it all again but a little differently!

      It’s surprising what you can achieve when you have a “I’ve got nothing to lose” attitude to things in life

      Thanks for your contribution as normally David, you rock.


      PS Love your’re new podcast mic by the way! Looks like a monster out of “Alien”!

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