Emotional Selling Proposition – Better Than A Unique Selling Proposition?

Written by Sean McPheat |

2 April, 2009

Emotional Selling Proposition – have you got one?

We all know that sales are based mostly on emotion and the decision is backed up with logic.

That’s the law of the salesperson!

You’ve heard of a USP right? i.e Unique Selling Proposition – well, these are the benefits that your prospects and clients can look forward to receiving when they purchase your wares.

They could be called “THE LOGICAL BENEFITS” of doing business with you.

Your Sales Manager and Sales Director will most likely ram USP’s down your throat so you can discuss them with your prospects.

But based upon what we said earlier, your prospects will make their buying decisions based upon emotion and will back that decision up with logic and not just logic alone via your USPs. Are are USP’s really USP’s any longer? Everyone seems to have the same USP’s!

Therefore, you need to work out what your ESP is!

And your ESP stands for your:


So what’s an Emotional Selling Proposition?

Sure, your USP will provide logic and reasoning as to why someone should select you but their primary reason will be an emotional one.

Your ESP’s are your products/service/companies emotional levers that help the prospect to buy. They are the “beneath the service” triggers to creates emotion.

So think about the feelings and the emotions that you want to stir up with your prospects and clients and use this in your sales. Can your product/service make the prospect:

* Feel important
* Feel valued
* Feel part of a unique group or select band of people
* Feel whole
* Feel remembered
* Feel attractive
* Feel trendy
* Feel hip
* Feel safe
* Feel accepted

You get the picture!

So, next time you are revisiting your USP’s make sure you take just as long if not longer on your emotional selling proposition too.

Happy ESP!


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