Top 5 Ways To Gain More Repeat Business

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Don’t you just love it when one of your customers places a follow-up order?

Or you get that call and the customer says they’d like a repeat of what they had from you before?

The great feelings flow through you, because you realise that all your hard work was worth it, and you feel rewarded by repeat business that you didn’t have to do too much to gain.

What Is Repeat Business?

Repeat business is when a customer purchases from your company more than once. It could be an additional product or service or even the same order that you had before.

In short, repeat customers are the lifeblood of any organisation. You want your customers to come back time and time again. You’ve put in all the graft to win the business and you’re managing the account well, so repeat orders are just great if you can get them. They are usually a lot easier than generating new business because you already have a business relationship that they hopefully trust and your products and services, hopefully do the job they were purchased for.

So, what are five ways that you can increase your chances of gaining more business?

Try these out….

1) Give more value to customers beyond your products and services

Relationships aren’t built on discounts or special offers.

They are built on value.

Jeff Gitomer states that ‘value is what you do up-front before the sale, and what you do during the relationship.

You don’t add value…you give value’

You need to think about ‘what’s in it for the customer?’.

If they see value in what you provide, they are more willing to consider repeating their order because the value in what they received from you has gone up

2) Keep in touch with the customer outside the selling process

Show them that you are interested in them and their business, even when they aren’t in the business of buying from you.

If the only time you contact them is when you are talking about your products and services, you run the risk of being a nuisance and sounding like every other salesperson they speak to.

Instead, identify opportunities to contact them with valuable information and industry knowledge. Develop an account management strategy so nothing is left to chance.

They are more likely to see you as an asset to them rather than a liability.

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3) Schedule actual meetings with customers to confirm you are meeting (and beating) their expectations

Many times, customers will say that the only time they hear from a supplier is when that company wants to sell them something.

Break that mould.

Be a supplier who is really interested in the company you are dealing with.

Identify their business objectives.

Look at how they deal with their competition.

Analyse what their future goals are.

That way, you show them that you’re not like all the other salespeople; you are, in fact, not trying to sell them anything, but you’re offering them value beyond the product. That’s what makes a good account manager what they are.

4) If practical, give customers reasons and rewards for being loyal to you

If you are in that type of business, a loyalty card or bonus structure for future orders would be something they could utilise and offers them more reasons to be loyal to you and give you repeat business.

Being rewarded for further orders could drive loyalty and encourage customers to enhance their relationship with you.

5) Make the relationship personal, not just business

Getting a birthday wish or an anniversary card from someone is always a nice gesture.

If it’s from one of your suppliers, neatly written out on a card and with a stamped, addressed envelope, it makes it more than memorable.

Show your human side by sending your prized customers something to show you care.

Don’t make it appear like a bribe, though; that can spoil everything.

Making it personal and specific says an awful lot about how you view the value of doing business.

It creates a bond that goes beyond a business setting and makes them realise they are making the right decision to use your services.

These five ideas should help you build up your value in your customer’s eyes and could make it easier for them when they need to choose who they should buy from next.

Our Sales Training Courses always demonstrate the value of repeat business. They teach you what it takes to win an account and then to farm it. If you’re looking for a more detailed way to develop business from existing customers, then we recommend that you look at our Account Management Training or some of our B2B Sales Techniques.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

MTD Sales Training 

Sales DNA

Updated on: 10 December, 2021

Originally published: 3 October, 2018

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