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Alison Hammond Get’s The “A List” Treatment
With Celebrity Coach Sean McPheat

She’s big and she’s beautiful. Big Brother may have rejected her but this lady now mingles with the likes of Britney Spears and Rene Zellweger.

Now it’s Sean McPheat’s turn!

Sean McPheat caught up with TV celeb interviewer, Alison Hammond and gave her the coaching services that Sean normally reserves for the celebs that Alison interviews!

Sean and Alison discussed the merits of a completely new look so that she could break free from the Big Brother image she had built up for herself.

The following is from BBC’s website:


Catapulted to fame Big Brother, Alison Hammond is something of a celebrity in her home city, Birmingham.

Offers of television work have been pouring in, but before Alison makes any life changing decisions, Inside Out sends her to a celebirty coach Sean McPheat, for some essential advice.

Sheer Indulgence

Forget silent contemplation or endless pros and cons lists, Sean’s advice to Alison is a day of luxury and sheer indulgence!

Inside Out follows Alison as she embarks on her dream day.

What better way to contemplate your future career than a day living life as a star?


Decisions, decisions, Alison shuns the Ferrari in favour of a Jaguar.


An afternoon of pampering refreshes and rejuvenates Alison.


A personal chef prepares a mouth watering meal of fresh lobster for Alison and her guest.



Alison takes to the skies in a balloon for a bird’s eye view of the Midlands.


How better to finish a perfect day snuggling up to your significant other. And if you man isn’t quite up to scratch, just do what Alison does……….hire one!

Not So Big Spender

Has all this luxury has given you a taste for the finer things in life, but your budget won’t quite stretch to a Ferrari? If so, here is Inside Out’s guide to luxury on a shoe string.


Spruce up your old banger with a wash and wax. Inexpensive and if you do it yourself, a great sense of accomplishment too.


Rejuvenate your tired body with a face pack, manicure and pedicure from your local chemist shop.


If your budget won’t quite stretch to a personal chef, pack a picnic basket full of yummy finger food and a bottle of Cava and lunch al fresco.


Taking to the skies isn’t the only way to enjoy the beauty of the Midlands. Why not take a stroll in the countryside, or even your local park.


If your wallet or significant other protests at the idea of hiring a model, why not write a list of your partners endearing qualities.

Remind yourself why you fell for them in the first place.

Look A Million Dollars

Whether your day of luxury will be spent at an exclusive health farm or applying a £2.99 cucumber face mask in your living room, a day spent relaxing and spoiling yourself works wonders for body and mind.

So you might not own a Ferrari, or be tucking in to lobster, but as Inside Out has proved, you needn’t spend a million dollars to feel it.

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