MTD In The Media – ITV Feature

This feature was screened on ITV and was part of the “REAL LIFE” series.

MTD’s Sean McPheat was asked to coach a TV Presenter to help her overcome some of the challenges that she is facing in her personal and career life.

Anchorwoman Jo Malin introduces the feature and talks a little bit about personal and business coaching and the benefits that it has.

She also introduces Sean as one of “The Most Successful Life Gurus” around!

So who is Sean going to coach? It’s Lisa Dowd – Central News reader and reporter.



Instead of staying in a warm and cosy studio Sean get’s Lisa outside and asks her to write out all of the challenges and problems that she is facing on bits of card and put them on the steps leading up to Birmingham Canal!

Lisa picks her top 3 to work on today.

It’s back to the Gym! Lisa has always been trying to shed a few extra pounds.

“Working out is never the problem” Sean says “It’s getting to the gym that’s the problem”


Sean discusses some techniques and strategies for Lisa to get and remain motivated to get to the gym and eat sensibly.

Sean talks about the coaching industry and the type of clients he has over a spot of lunch.

Lisa and Sean discuss the merits of having choices in life and that the quality of Lisa’s life is in direct proportion to the quality of the decisions she has made in the past and the decisions that she will make in the future – so choose wisely!

After doing some retail therapy and giving Lisa a glam look for an upcoming gala event Lisa feels a million dollars and is ready to continue her good work.

Lisa completes the feature by giving out some details about Sean and how he can be contacted.

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