MTD In The Media – CNN Feature

“What’s coaching all about?
Isn’t it just an American thing?”

That was the opening gambit from CNN presenter Tony Campion.

As one of the leading Life and Business Coaches in Europe Sean was invited to a LIVE interview in front of over 150 million viewers in the CNN studios to discuss all about coaching and the benefits it has for people and businesses.

“Life and Business Coaching is all about helping individuals and businesses get from where they are in their life to where they want to get to. In the U.S people are more open about asking for help when they need it.”

“For us in the UK and in Europe we adopt the Lone Ranger mentality – Its my problem, I will deal with it! This attitude is changing however. Individuals and businesses are realising that help is good and that it enables you to reach your goals a lot quicker”

Sean went on to talk about his own experiences of helping individuals, managers and businesses to achieve greater success and also the positive impact coaching is having in the workplace.

He then went on to say “Executives and Senior Managers in the UK are now seeing the benefits that a Business Coach has to offer. There is a tangible output that can be measured against the investment the firm has made”

SCNNean added “I help individuals and businesses in a variety of ways. As far as the individual is concerned they come to me for help with their confidence levels or it maybe that they are lacking direction and purpose in their life, they may want a better career but do not know how to go about it or they may just want a reason for getting out of bed everyday!”

“As for the business side of things I help Top Execs and Senior/Middle Managers see the wood for the trees! I get them to think outside the box and realise their full potential. To question how they are doing things. I also help them in advanced communication and interpersonal skills – the list is endless!”

Sean went on to talk about that everyone’s definition of success is different and that people should not compare themselves with others, just on what their own personal interpretation of success is.

“If people measure their own success by how happy they are then that is great. If someone wants to arrive at work at 9 and leave at exactly 5 and that’s what they want to do and they are happy with that – who am I to tell anyone what their definition of success is”

“On the other hand someone may class success as how many possessions they have”

“Whilst every definition of success has it’s pros and cons you should only measure success against your own definition not what parents, friends or society as a whole says what it should be!”

“I class myself as a success Tony. My definition of success is to go to bed at night and not have any regrets about the day. It is to help at least one person a day achieve greater success in what they do”

“Your definition will be different to mine!

“But surely you must have to go over the same solutions time and time again Sean? Why shouldn’t I just go down the pub and ask my friends for advice?”

Tony Campion was playing devils advocate!

“The beauty of my job Tony is that you come in contact with different types of people everyday. Every person is different and if you gave everyone the same advice and solutions it would not be very personal at all – you might as well read a book!”

“Because of their different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and attitudes to life you invariable find that no two solutions are the same. I might get the same problem arise but due to all of the different variables that make people what they are, I hardly ever get the same solution twice!”

“People are different, their problems are different and every solution is different as well”

Sean and Tony discussed the future of Coaching and Sean’s thoughts about where it will head in the future.

To close that segment Tony asked “Thanks for letting us have your thoughts about the future of Coaching, do you think the market will become saturated with anyone who wants to become a coach becoming one?

Sean replied “There is no doubt in my mind Tony that a lot of people will jump on the bandwagon. They may see it as the next big thing and chase the money instead of having a genuine interest in helping people and businesses improve the quality of their lives.”

“I get offers every single day from people who want me to train and mentor them as a coach. It is flattering – I must be doing something right!” Sean said with a rye smile on his face.

CNN“I turn down as many people as I take on to train them as a coach as you have got to be in this for the right reasons. Clients are not stupid and they will suss out a poor coach within seconds of their first session.”

To make it as a successful coach you have to be outstanding. Good will just not cut the mustard!”

Sean and Tony then discussed the various training and coaching programs that MTD offers.

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