3 Deadly Sales Management Mistakes

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Red MistakeYou can find a ton of tips and tricks on what to do to motivate and build a sales team.

However, there are a few things you should not do.

The loyalty and dedication your sales team has in following you, is fragile and it does not take much to lose their respect.

Below are three sales management blunders that you must avoid.

Criticise In Public

There are often times when you need to criticise or correct a sales person’s actions.

Perhaps he or she needs improvement in certain areas or is not living up to the potential you know is possible.

Maybe there are disciplinary steps you need to take.

In any case, these are things you must do in private.

Never bring up a sales person’s shortcomings or problems in front of the group.

Not only does this embarrass and degrade the sales person in question, but it also diminishes the self-esteem of the whole team.

Causally Dismiss Complaints Or Suggestions

It is true that some sales people can find some of the most ridiculous things to complain about.

Also, some ideas and suggestions from team members are often unrealistic or impossible to consider.

However, you must take in and listen to their thoughts and feelings.

A sales person sits up half the night thinking about an idea that he believes will help the team.

He brings it to you and before he can even explain his flash of brilliance, you cut him off with something like, “Nah!  That won’t work. We tried that years ago…forget it.”

When this happens, you not only invalidate the idea; you invalidate the person.

You must at least listen and hear them out.

Then, do not be so quick to respond, even if you know the complaint or suggestion is of no consequence.

Take it in and think about it anyway.

Then report back at a later time.

Never Demand The Team Accomplish Goals You Can Not Substantiate

Be careful not to ask sales people to perform tasks or reach sales goals that you cannot do or have not ever done.

At least have someone who you can point to who has reached these goals.

Of course, there are times when you want to reach higher, set new records and reach heights never before obtained, but you have to be able to show that these things are possible and not just chalk talk.

Give your sales team the respect they deserve and they will give it back.

If you haven’t attended any Sales Management Training in the past, we hope these tips will be of use to you. You need to get results through your teams so avoid these 3 mistakes if you can!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 18 September, 2017

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