What Are The 3 Key Points You Should Mention At Your Sales Meetings? (Find Out Here…)

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Handshake At MeetingSo much has been said about how sales meetings should be carried out and I’m sure you’ve read most of them.

The sales meeting can make or break any deal, so it makes sense to get this important stage of the sales process correct.

I’ve found that it probably boils down to just three key points, and I give you these ideas based on research and experience.

Firstly, ensure the buyer is in the right ‘state of mind’ to progress

What I mean by this is that, if the buyer’s mind is pre-occupied with something else, or they haven’t yet bought into the concept of progressing the meeting forward, then little you say will have an effect on the buyer and may simply encourage obstacles and objections.

The  right ‘state of mind’ means agreeing to discuss their business needs, identifying their pain-points and starting to discuss possible solutions to the situation they are in.

If you find they aren’t on your wavelength in these areas, you may have to slow the process or down, or even find another time to progress the sale.

Secondly, highlight that the main thing you are interested in is developing solutions for the buyer, not in selling your products

We’ve never come across a buyer who buys products or services; what they do buy is what those products will do for them or their business.

Mention that you want to know how you can make them more productive, or more profitable, or increase their turnover or whatever will make them want to progress the discussions

Thirdly,  make it easy for them to make commitments to the next stage

If you try to sell your products, the buyer may well feel under pressure to make decisions and this may make them reluctant to think ahead.

Instead, discuss what the next stage in the process will be, helping them to see the benefits of any choices they make to them and their business.

Each stage should follow the previous one, helping the buyer to see the advantages to them of committing to another meeting with another stakeholder, or visiting your manufacturing facility, or simply agreeing to taking a sample order.

By making it easy for them to decide, the pressure is off and they see a better future in choosing your solutions.

These three methods should help you build relationships, create opportunities to advance the sale and help the buyer see they are making the right choice in partnering with you and your company.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 7 February, 2018

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