A Day In The Life Of A Sales Person – Infographic

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Many business people think they know what a sales professional does with their day and could map out exactly how the average sales person spends their time, which would probably involve a few meetings, some cold calling and (of course) a fair bit of selling – either over the telephone or face to face. However, today’s modern sales people have to do far more than their managers and team leaders may realise. The modern day sales professional now has to juggle the time they spend prospecting and actually selling (which is time that is noted and recorded by their company) with a large amount of time spent planning, organising, reporting and travelling that is often not accounted for or even recognised by their managers as being part of their everyday role.

The infographic below breaks down the different aspects of a sales professional’s workload each day, and details the tasks that the average sales person will have to undertake on a day to day basis outside of their main focus of actually prospecting for new clients and closing deals.

A Day In The Life Of A Sales Person

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Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Updated on: 3 April, 2013

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