A Great Way To Transition To The Sales Close

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

19 June, 2012

I still get numerous questions regarding what to say, or how to transition from the sales presentation to the sales close. Questions on WHEN to begin to close as well asQuestions chat exactly HOW to start the closing process still inundate my inbox.

Of course, I believe that there is NO transition, and in fact, the entire sales interaction is one continuous closing effort; seamlessly moving from one stage of the sales process to another. However, for many sales people, there is still that awkward moment between presenting the offer and asking for the order.

So, here is a short and quick, but very powerful idea to help you get across that huge chasm.

“Does that make sense?”
This simple, harmless and non-threatening question will help ease the move. The question is clear and helps the prospect digest what it is you just offered. You are not confronting the prospect with questions like, “Do we have a deal?” Or, “So what do you say?” Or even, “How do you want to pay for this?”

You are simply asking the prospective buyer if what you have presented thus far, at least sounds reasonable. That’s all. Does it make sense?

As an example:

Sales Person
“So Steve, what we are looking at is 11 cases of our Vintage Chardonnay, and 4 cases of the Zinfandel. Again, I will pick up the delivery costs on this first order, to get us started. So the whole thing comes to only £1,255, and we will provide all of the advertising and signage as well. Does that make sense?”

If the prospect agrees that the offer makes sense, then confidently assume the sale. Wouldn’t you expect a good businessperson to do something that makes sense?

Assume the sale and address whatever issue the prospect feels does NOT make sense. If no NONSENSE issues spring up, then move forward.

Does that make sense?

No, really. I’m asking YOU…does that make sense?

Happy Selling!


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