Best Response To “I’m Not Interested” Objection

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Business woman holding phone“Hi, Mr Prospect.  Ethan James here, with XYZ Solutions…”

“I’m not interested!”


Below is a very effective way to handle the “not interested,” come back.  However, it is not a script to follow verbatim.  Though I am going to put this in the form of a hypothetical cold call, the words are not important.  I want to convey the idea, the concept and the thought process behind it.  The concept is only to help get you past the initial automatic “not interested” reaction.  From there, you can proceed.

The concept consists of five steps:

  1. Understand: Let the prospect know that you fully understand that he or she is not interested and in fact, should not be interested at this time
  2. Compliment:  Commend the prospect for his or her lack of interest and reasoning
  3. Raise Objections: Give the prospect a few reasons, objections why they should not be interested
  4. Pick One: Ask prospect which is the primary reason, objection
  5. The Reason: Inform the prospect that is the very reason for your call

Here is an example

Sales Person:   “Hi, Mr Prospect.  Ethan James here, with XYZ Solutions…”

Prospect:         “I’m not interested!”

Sales Person:   “I knew you wouldn’t be interested Mr Prospect.  I fully understand that.  Do you have a real quick minute?”

Prospect:         “Ah….Well, I guess…”

Sales Person:   “You see, Mr Prospect, my information is that your company is a leader in the industry so I have to assume that if you had an interest in my company/product, you would have called me.  Does that make sense?”

Prospect:         “Yeah.”

Sales Person:   “I also have to assume that the reason you are not interested is because you already have a supplier you work with and are completely satisfied…good service, great pricing and they have earned your business—is that right?”

Prospect:         “Well, actually, yes.  I’ve been dealing with the same company for six years—have no complaints.”

Sales Person:   “Of course.  And that is exactly why I called.  At this time, I dare not even think about asking you to give me any of your business; I haven’t earned it.  However, I have found that most business owners in your industry…

And you are into your presentation.

Understand that it is normal and OK if the prospect is not interested when you call.  Don’t fight it.  Use it.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 19 August, 2011

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