Closing Skills

Using Value-Based Sales Conversations to Win Deals

  Navigating the world of value-based sales conversations is transforming the way deals are sealed. In an era where customers are more informed and discerning, the essence of a conversation can make or break a sale. It’s no longer just […]

Five Needs Your Buyers Would Love You To Satisfy

When we talk to different buyer types, we often ask what inspires them to remain loyal to suppliers. Many suppliers think it’s good value, cheap prices, and quality products. There are many different types of selling but the answers we […]

5 Ways To Guarantee A ‘Yes’ From The Decision Maker

  The title of this blog a bold statement. But we have experienced many meetings with decision-makers where these ways have proved successful. I’m going to share them with you in this article. How many times have you thought that […]

3 Times When You SHOULD Take NO For An Answer

Well, we all know the old sales person’s mantra, “Never take NO for an answer!” Indeed, some sales people try to live by this greed. However, in attempting to live up to such a rigid and unrealistic standard, sales people often […]

5 Ways To Gain Commitment From A Client

We often get salespeople asking “What’s the best ‘close’ I can use?” or “How can I ‘close the sale’ more often?” Putting the emphasis on the ‘close’ can be a big mistake in the sales process. Too often, the salesperson […]

Understanding Different Buyer Types – Infographic

As a sales person, you cannot simply use the same sales techniques to sell to every prospects because not all prospects are the same. Each buyer will have a different way of thinking, a different way of understanding and a […]

How To Follow Up If You Lose A Sale

There will be occasions when the prospect does not go with your solution and chooses either to do nothing or go with a competitor. Even if you have the best solution available to the client, their buying decision may lie […]