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45 Trade Show Booth Ideas and Tips

Let’s face it – trade shows can be both a blessing and a curse. Get them right and you could collect a horde of potential clients or business contacts in a matter of days. Get them wrong and you’re going […]

What Is Active Listening And How Can We Improve It?

What exactly is ‘active listening’ and why can it be so difficult at times? It’s a question we get asked a lot on our Sales Training. As the term suggests, active listening skills can be developed, as it is a […]

5 Steps To Effectively Follow-Up Prospects

What strikes me as strange and rather puzzling is a piece of research I read this week that said less than 10% of salespeople actually follow up a prospect more than once after they have sent a proposal. I had […]

How To Use “Move Towards” & “Away From” Language

We all have a number of internal filters that information from our senses passes through. Language is one of our internal filters, which influences how we think and enables us to communicate with others and with ourselves.  If you listen […]

Improving The Quality Of Leads At An Exhibition

As a sales manager, you probably have the responsibility of manning your company’s exhibition stand. But like most sales managers I have met over the years on our Sales Training Courses, it’s unlikely that you have received any formal training […]

And You Call Yourself A Sales Professional?

Every year I attend about 200 or more exhibitions and trade fares around the world and it doesn’t matter what country I am in or what market the exhibition is representing I always meet with the same types of exhibitor. […]