Sales Presentations

Sales Pitch Tips To Ace That Presentation

  If your sales process includes a sales pitch at some time or another than chances are you’ve been shortlisted somehow. Our Sales Presentation Training is very popular because it covers the technique, the preparation and the all-important, how to […]

What To Do When Something Goes Wrong In Your Presentation

Many of us have been there. The presentation is going well, the customer is appreciating all our demonstrations, your ideas are being well-received… Then….Wham! Something goes wrong! We hear about it ALL the time in our Sales Training. The laptop […]

How To Customise A Compelling Story For Your Sales Presentation

How many times have you made a presentation and afterwards thought ‘that was so boring, even I wouldn’t have bought my product!’ There are many occasions where we have presented a solution and it’s not created any connection with the […]

Why Sales Storytelling Is A Killer Skill

If you want to create a true emotional connection with your prospects and clients, then I recommend that you improve storytelling skills. Indeed, in my opinion sales storytelling can be your superpower and really separate you apart from your competition. […]

5 Ways To Ensure Great Sales Communications

  You’ll no doubt agree that one of the most important key skills you need to develop today as a salesperson is that of communication. Ok, it’s a well-banged drum, but I’m going to say it again anyway…you simply will […]

How To Build Value In A Sales Presentation

Increase the value, or the perceived value of what you sell, and you will make more sales! Something we always say during our Sales Training. You have to have ways to raise the value of your product or service. By […]

When Planning Your Sales Presentation You Must…

We’ve never been so time-poor. With everything inside and outside of our control exerting pressure on us to deliver, it’s not surprising that many things that should be done miss their deadline. One of those things that often goes by […]

What Do You Do When Your Customer Wants To Vent?

There are times when the customer simply wants to let off steam. Maybe the delivery you promised hasn’t arrived. Or some of the equipment has broken down. Or there’s simply too much pressure on the prospect and they must let […]

Only Present Sales Solutions To Needs

“He keeps talking in techno waffle! I don‘t  understand half of what he says. I’ve got a simple problem that needs solving, not something that requires a Rocket Scientist!“ – A Confused Prospect I come across this a lot. You  […]

Heard Of The Straight Line Sales System By Jordan Belfort?

Ever heard of Jordan Belfort’s ‘Straight Line Selling’ technique? The Wolf Of Wall Street in my opinion is one of the best sales movies of all time. I just love it. I love it for the fast pace of the […]

Finding Out Who The Decision-Maker Is

There’s one bugbear that most salespeople tell us about when we run Sales Training for them. And it’s the lack of ability to get the decision-maker’s name when calling a company. Now, I totally understand the rationale behind why many […]

Why Matching & Mirroring Really Works

  Have you heard of matching and mirroring? It’s something that we regularly cover on our Sales Training Courses, but do you know what it is and the background behind it all? It’s the concept psychologists talk about when they […]

Building Rapport – Infographic

Whenever you use phrases like “I only do business with him/her” or “I think that person really understands me”, the likelihood is that you have experienced ‘Rapport’. Rapport is a personal state between two or more people which allow relationships […]

How To Use The Sales Value Equation

You’ve spent years perfecting your craft and learning everything there is to know about what you sell and the competition. However, you have to be careful not to allow that knowledge to flow too swiftly. The Instant Response Of course, […]

8 Steps to Help You Sell to Groups

Let’s face it, you probably prefer to talk to one person at a time when you sell your services, as you can establish good rapport, deal with one question at a time and generally focus on just one challenge at […]