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Sales Pitch Tips To Ace That Presentation

  If your sales process includes a sales pitch at some time or another than chances are you’ve been shortlisted somehow. Our Sales Presentation Training is very popular because it covers the technique, the preparation and the all-important, how to […]

The 10 Best Sales Movies You MUST Watch

  We’re big film fans in the office and any new salesperson (or member of staff come to that) that starts with MTD, I always grill them as to the movies they’ve seen about sales. “Have you watched Glengarry Glen […]

What To Do When Something Goes Wrong In Your Presentation

Many of us have been there. The presentation is going well, the customer is appreciating all our demonstrations, your ideas are being well-received… Then….Wham! Something goes wrong! The laptop freezes. The demonstration falls apart. A member of the buyer team […]

How Important Is Your Brand To A Customer

Branding is a key component in determining your success in sales and marketing. You may not think that, as a salesperson, your input to how your brand is perceived or recognised should be a priority; isn’t the experience the customer […]

How To Customise A Compelling Story For Your Sales Presentation

How many times have you made a presentation and afterwards thought ‘that was so boring, even I wouldn’t have bought my product!’ There are many occasions where we have presented a solution and it’s not created any connection with the […]

How To Differentiate Between What The Customer Wants & Needs

Do you know what the difference is between a need and a want? A lot of people think that they are the same but they are different. When selling it’s important that you understand the difference between needs and wants […]

What Is Active Listening And How Can We Improve It?

What exactly is ‘active listening’ and why can it be so difficult at times? As the term suggests, active listening skills can be developed, as it is a skill. Like any skill, it can improve with practice. But we have […]

Why Sales Storytelling Is A Killer Skill

  If you want to create a true emotional connection with your prospects and clients, then I recommend that you improve storytelling skills. Indeed, in my opinion sales storytelling can be your superpower and really separate you apart from your […]

5 Ways To Ensure Great Sales Communications

You’ll no doubt agree that one of the most important key skills you need to develop today as a salesperson is that of communication. Ok, it’s a well-banged drum, but I’m going to say it again anyway…you simply will not […]

How To Build Value In A Sales Presentation

Increase the value, or the perceived value of what you sell, and you will make more sales! You have to have ways to raise the value of your product or service. By that, I mean, when the buyer feels that the […]

When Planning Your Sales Presentation You Must…

We’ve never been so time-poor. With everything inside and outside of our control exerting pressure on us to deliver, it’s not surprising that many things that should be done miss their deadline. One of those things that often goes by […]

10 Timeless Values That ALL Salespeople Should Adopt

The only constant today is change. When you look back 10-15 years, it barely seems to be the same world we are living in. And yet, there are some things that remain constant and never-changing, and I’d like to share […]

How To Become A More Assertive Salesperson

  One definition of assertiveness is being confident and direct in dealing with others. Assertive people know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. They also respect the feelings and needs of others and are prepared to […]

5 Stages Of The Buyer’s Decision Making Process

How do you make a decision? Ever thought about it? Many of us have, and have used the facts behind decision-making in identifying how they should work with clients. But many more haven’t studied this subject and consequently lose the […]

What Do You Do When Your Customer Wants To Vent?

There are times when the customer simply wants to let off steam. Maybe the delivery you promised hasn’t arrived. Or some of the equipment has broken down. Or there’s simply too much pressure on the prospect and they have to […]

6 Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

You’ll have heard of the ‘elevator speech’, that first few seconds’ introduction that can make or break a conversation you have with a prospective client. It’s called the elevator speech because it normally takes the same amount of time you’re […]

How Sales People Can Improve Their Listening Skills

It’s often said that you never learn anything when you’re talking, only when you’re listening. How true is that statement! But we often meet people who are poor listeners. They interrupt, they are full of their own self-opinionated ideas, they […]

6 Actions You MUST Take After Your Sales Presentations

I remember meeting a salesperson in my office who presented me with a product that would hopefully deal with some challenges we were having at the time. The product was quicker, more efficient and easier to use than our current […]

6 Quick Ways To Improve Your Influencing Skills

Many of our delegates on our Selling Skills Courses want to improve or increase their influencing skills because they want to impress potential buyers into buying from them. This is natural, because we want to give reasons to buy and […]

The Most Influential Skill You Can Have In Sales

We often get asked on our sales programmes how salespeople can improve their sales. They want the golden ticket, the one thing that will mean the million pound deal, the loyal customer, the added business. Naturally, there isn’t just one […]

Dealing With Nerves During Formal Sales Presentations

We’ve all been there. You’ve been asked to make a formal sales presentation in front of a panel as part of a beauty parade and you’ve not had a lot of experience or training in doing it. Or maybe you’ve […]

Six Steps to Convincing a Customer They Should Use You

It’s fascinating to see the changes that are going on in the world of selling. If you Google books on the subject, the plethora of ideas and techniques could leave you reeling in its complexity. If we try to apply […]

7 Must Read Articles To Help You Build Value

Value… What is it and how do you build it? Earlier on in the week I wrote about how to gain an insight into your buyers mind so you can appreciate what value is. And in response to that blog […]

53 Takeaways From The Wolf Of Wall Street’s London Seminar

The Wolf of Wall Street’s story; his rise, his lies, his demise and now the resurrection of Jordan Belfort’s career has fascinated me. So much so that when he came to London at the Excel Centre to run a short, […]

How To Use “Move Towards” & “Away From” Language

We all have a number of internal filters that information from our senses passes through. Language is one of our internal filters, which influences how we think and enables us to communicate with others and with ourselves.  If you listen […]

Heard Of The Straight Line Sales System By Jordan Belfort?

The Wolf Of Wall Street in my opinion is one of the best sales movies of all time. I just love it. I love it for the fast pace of the movie and the sales. The film is about Jordan […]

Finding Out Who The Decision-Maker Is

There’s one bug-bear that most salespeople tell us about when we run programmes for them. And it’s the lack of ability to get the decision-maker’s name when calling a company. Now, I totally understand the rationale behind why many companies […]

Is Your Sales Presentation Matching The Buyer’s Needs?

When it comes to product demonstrations, many sales people fall into the trap of carrying out a a one size fits all presentation with a prepared monologue of what makes there product the best on the market. What can you […]

Avoid The Five Biggest Sales Email Blunders

We see so many emails come through our office that, in all honesty, are an embarrassment to our profession. They are poorly laid out or lack impact or are lame in the extreme, too patronising, or something similar. Being one […]

Why Matching & Mirroring Really Works

Have you heard of matching and mirroring? It’s the concept psychologists talk about when they refer to us building unconscious rapport with another person. They talk about matching their unconscious body language and gestures so that they feel at ease […]