Get Them In Cheap & Sell Them Deep!

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Have you ever experimented by offering different options for your products and services?

If you do want to offer options then I recommend the power of 3 options because anymore than that and the information looks a little overwhelming.

A Good (budget option) Better (budget plus) and Best (expensive) approach works well.

Now this approach can work well in the “current economic climate” because it is catering for different budget levels and even if you get your client “in” on a lower budget option, the fact that they are “in” means that you can demonstrate your worth to them and the benefits and an upsell later on will be the natural, logical choice.

This is the approach of “Get them in cheap and sell them deep”

All you want is an opportunity for them to become a client of yours and then, if you are true to your word and your product/service does what you said it would do, and then some, you can upgrade your clients over time to more profitable options.

This is a strategic approach to selling and one that needs buy in from the top because you will have smaller margins to begin with but the the pay off is that you will have long term clients whose margins will increase over time.

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 18 August, 2009

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