Here’s Why Customer Satisfaction Is WORTHLESS

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Customer SatisfactionI’ve just finished reading Jeff Gitomer’s book “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless” and I’d really recommend you get a copy if you’re in customer service.

It offers some interesting insights into service and some great stories that resonate in many areas.

It got me thinking as to why I’m loyal to some companies and not to others.

Have you ever visited somewhere for service (a restaurant, for example) and been ‘satisfied’ with the whole experience, but never returned?

Companies we work with measure ‘customer satisfaction’ and think that means they understand the voice of the customer.

The trouble with CSI and CSPs and the like is they never tell you what the customer needs to experience for them to become loyal to you.

You may wonder what makes customers loyal to your business?

It doesn’t take much to find out – you simply go and ask them!

We have many companies who have renewed their business with us over many years.

When we ask them why they keep coming back, the answers are many and varied, but basically they come down to three key components:

  • We are consistent with the level of quality and performance 
  • We are pro-active and follow up on our promises
  • We are easy to work with 

There are obviously many other components that cause them to be loyal, but those are the major ones that keep cropping up.

What this means is that we can work on these for our existing customers and start conversations with new customers to discuss how we could maintain their loyalty over the years to come.

We’re not the cheapest consulting and training company around, but our loyal customers know they get more than they pay for, so money is seldom an issue.

What’s most important is that we help their businesses to be better than they would be without us.

So, don’t settle for customer satisfaction.

It may be good for one-off transactions, but if you want and require loyalty for your business to thrive, try finding out what makes your customers want to come back to you and build on that for a solid future.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 26 August, 2016

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