How To Convince Your Prospect To Buy From You

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contract proposalThere are not many truths in life that we can rely on these days.

The rate of change is so great that what many people relied on as truth just a few years ago has radically altered. 

I suppose the main truths these days revolve around gravity, death and taxes.

All three are an indisputable fact of life that we’ll never get around!

Along with that is one more that I agree with: Salespeople make claims about their products and services.

Prospects expect it.

Your manager expects it.

Your competition expects it.

It’s as likely to happen as the sun rising tomorrow morning.

But how can you differentiate yourself and your products so that this universal truth becomes one that is built on credibility rather than false claims?

Well, once you’ve presented your product in the way that customers want to use it and created great value for it in the customer’s eyes, you now have to provide proof of your claims. 

You may want to consider offering one or more ways for your prospect to experience corroboration of your claims.

For example, let’s say you’ve claimed your product reduces this prospect’s running costs by 10%.

Here, you could say “Let me show you what Widget Today said about our productivity and savings for clients” and then share that article on your tablet or laptop.

Another proof of your claims could follow this example: “Let me show you where we rank in the latest Consumer Reports research”

If the prospect is still concerned about the quality or your claimed results, you can then confirm what other clients of your have said about your products after they have used them.

This presupposes you have interviewed current satisfied and loyal customers to ascertain the results they have achieved.

This proof statement sounds like this: “Let me share some testimonials from companies of a similar size to your who have been using this product”

What you’re doing in all these cases is providing adequate proof to your potential buyer that your claims are justified and achievable in the real world.

If they are still not convinced, you can offer to introduce them to real customers of yours who can verify your claims and build confidence in the results you claim they can achieve. 

What you’re doing in each of these scenarios is offer proof so that the prospect feels confident that your claims are real and will prove justified in the long-term.

Don’t expect your words of wisdom to always get you the sale.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, so reduce the risk the customer is taking by proving your claims, and you’ll see greater opportunities to advance the sale.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 16 June, 2016

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