How To Be Super Confident As A Sales Person

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ConfidenceConfidence: it is one of the most essential ingredients in a successful sales profession. You have to have a great deal of confidence and believe that things will work in your favour even when all looks lost and when you are getting a lot more “NOs” than “YESs.”

As a professional sales person, you must believe that you can achieve and succeed and do things that most people would consider impossible, and you have to do it every day! For many sales people, you do exactly that: you do what is seemingly undoable, overcoming enormous obstacles and closing the most difficult sales.

I Am Superman, Wonder Woman!
Let’s face it, when you made that sales presentation that had everyone salivating, when you asked those questions that seemed near telepathic, when you closed that prospect that said ‘NO’ 27 times; you felt invincible! It’s a great feeling. So then, how do you maintain that belief that you can do anything, yet keep your ego in check?

Below are a few quick tips to help you continue to feel like you can fly, while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
To keep a balance between confidence and arrogance, make sure that you apply the accolades in the correct areas and to all involved in the success.

You and Your Skills
Yes, part of the reason you closed that big sale was due to your sales skill, personality and training. You should have confidence in yourself and your skills. However, where did those skills and techniques come from? Did you learn everything you know about how to sell your product or service from yourself, or did you have help? Did you write and design all of the training material and sales literature you used? That great close, did you really make it up yourself?

Keep in mind that you are the product of the hard work and sacrifices of many people over a long period of time. You may be good, but you did not invent this wheel.

The Product or Service
Yes, have confidence, but remember that it is also not all about you. Understand that the reason you can be so confident is that you have a great product or service to back you up. You are selling something that will provide the buyer with a value greater than the investment. Did you invent your product or service? Was it your idea, concept and funding that lead the company to its current position in the market? Did you really have anything to do with the product or service you sell, or did you just apply for a job?

The Numbers
Now, I don’t want to burst your ego here, but you have to understand how this works. The fact is that when you close that big difficult sale and it looks like you did such a fantastic job, often it is merely the numbers, the law of averages.  In a word, “You were DUE.”

If you study how your selling averages work and the amount of attempts to closes, as well as the average sales ticket, you will see that as long as you maintain a consistent work ethic, those big sales simply equal out the averages.

This is not to say that you did not do a good job or applied extra effort. Applaud yourself for doing such a good job, but remember that it is not just that one sale. It is the accumulation of a long and diligent, continual work ethic.

It’s ok to be a proverbial superhero in sales. But just remember, there is also a proverbial kryptonite!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 8 February, 2012

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