How To Develop Your Communication Skills

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Communication word cloudHow To Develop Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital if you are going to be a top sales person.

But improving those communication skills is easier said then done.

Without doubt the two most important skills are questioning and listening.

Let’s have a look at some questioning techniques you can use.

Open? Closed? Which questions should you use?

I don’t really care as long as they have a purpose!

Questioning With SOAR

Being able to SOAR
An analysis of many thousands of sales has directed us to an acronym that helps us remember the process of questions within the sales call.

The underlying philosophy is for sellers to ‘think buyer’ and help them to understand their needs and potential solutions.


Situation Questions ask about the customer’s operating context and business situation. What is the current business situation that the customer is in? Who else is involved in this decision?

Objective Questions ask about the customer’s goals, visions and ideas that will take them from their current situation towards a solution. What would be the ideal solution for you, Mr Customer? What changes would you like to see in your supplier of services?

‘Anti’ Questions ask what stops you from achieving this, or what is against this happening at the moment. It elicits possible objections without you having to deal with them later.

Reward Questions probe for explicit needs, either directly or by exploring the value or importance to the customer of solving a problem. Would a faster back-up service reduce backlogs? How would a more efficient claims service help? Would x also produce savings with y?

So, asking effective questions is a surefire way of how to develop your communication skills.Keep improving, keep getting better at what you do and the results will come.

The little 1 percenters make a huge difference when added up.

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 14 August, 2008

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