How To Exude Confidence Without Being Arrogant

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There is no doubt that to be successful in sales, you need a tremendous amount of confidence. You have to believe that you can MAKE things happen. You have to believe that you can Supermancontrol destiny. In short, you have to believe that you can do the impossible.

I Am Invincible
So, as a sales professional you not only take measures to psyche yourself up, and motivate yourself to new levels; but you back that up with hard work, training and practice. Surely enough, you come to do the impossible on a routine basis: you close that big sale, overcome those objections thought to be sales killers and literally create wealth out of thin air. There are times in sales when we feel like we can do anything but fly; and most of us are working on that.

While this type of self-confidence is a critical component of sales success, it can also become a detrimental flaw. The problem is that after a short time, this confidence can begin to come across as selfish conceit and unmitigated arrogance, which turns off today’s modern and educated buyer like a light.

Below are three powerful tips to help you keep your ego in check and your feet on the ground, while maintaining that super confidence. Be prepared to put your ego back in your pocket.

#1: The Law
You have to realise that your incredible fortune and sales prowess when closing those sales, in large part has nothing to do with YOU. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you look at the numbers; the sales activity data, you will see that most of those seemingly incredible sales, were simply part of the law of averages. THEY WERE DUE.

Think about it this way; you are flipping a coin and betting that it lands on heads. However, it seems to constantly land on tails. In fact, it lands on tails 15 out of 20 tries. You then continue to flip the coin and miraculously it lands on heads 10 times in a row! Was it your super coin flipping skills that made heads come up 10 times? No. Out of 30 flips it came up heads 15 times and tails 15 times.

Give some credit and appreciation to your great selling skills, but remember that much of what you do is about science and mathematical probabilities.

#2: The Vehicle
Another thing to keep in mind as your super-human attitude begins to manifest itself, is that you have to give credit to the product or service you sell and the company you work with. Without that vehicle, your skills are mute. Understand that the reason you can be so confident is that you have a great product or service to back you up. You are selling something that will provide the buyer with a value greater than their investment. Did YOU invent that product? Did YOU create the service? Did YOU provide the funding that launched the company? Did you really have anything to do with the product or service you sell, or did you just apply for a job?

#3: The Team
On the above note, you must always remember that what you do is merely your part of a larger TEAM EFFORT. You rely on sales support, administration, marketing, accounting and a host of other people and processes that make your success possible. You are not an island.

You can be Superwoman or Superman. Just keep in mind that Kryptonite is also a part of your legacy.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 27 September, 2012

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