How To Get The Prospect To Believe In You

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You can have all of the sales techniques in the world, a great product and service, plus a more than fair price; but if the buyer does not believe in you or trust you, you will not be successful.Blue word trust

Please do not misunderstand. When I say the prospect needs to BELIEVE in you, I do not mean they must LIKE you or feel as if you can be buddies and enjoy a pint every now and then. I am also not referring to the prospect simply believing in most of what you say. What I mean is that the buyer needs to believe that you have their best interest at heart and that your motivation to make the sale is primarily for their benefit. Below are three tips to help you HELP the buyer believe more in you.

#1: Believe In Yourself
The first key to getting the buyer to believe in and trust you is that you wholeheartedly believe in and trust yourself. In that, I mean that you must exude confidence in the fact that what you are selling will indeed benefit the prospect more then it benefits you.

You have to totally believe in what you are selling, so much so, that in your heart, you feel that should the prospect NOT buy, he or she will be worse off; will suffer, lose, or in some way be hurt.

#2: Get the Money Off of Your Mind
Trailing tip #1, no matter how great your sales presentation and your solution to a valid problem, if the buyer senses that your main interest is in the commission you will make on the sale, it will make it nearly impossible for the prospect to trust you.

Regardless of what amount of money may be on the table, you cannot go into a sales interaction thinking too much about the commission. You must take steps to ensure that your thoughts never focus on the money and here is an effective way to accomplish that.

Put the sale in its proper perspective. Understand what really earn should you close the sale and realise that it is NOT the amount of the total commission. Let’s say that on your AVERAGE sale you earn £400. However, you have a closing average of 20% or one out of five. Therefore, you actually earn only £80 per sales interaction (£400 divided by 5). So, on EVERY closing attempt, whether you make the sale or not, you essentially earn £80. That’s all!

#3: Tell The Truth
I know this should go without saying. However, in a closing situation there are always those moments when you are challenged with making a seemly small, little tiny “exaggeration” that will put the icing on the preverbal cake.

The prospect is on the fence, close to saying yes. The sale is on the line and you can taste the commission check. It is at this moment when many sales people begin to exaggerate, making promises they are not sure they can keep and saying whatever is needed as long as it is not a BIG lie.

No. It is at this time that you need to be honest and tell the prospect those potentially negative things you think they do not want to hear. The buyer will see that you chose to tell the truth in the risk of losing the sale. The buyer will know that your offer is NOT “too good to be true” and that you are not someone who will say anything just to get the sale. Coming clean with some potentially negative reality at the close can be a very good thing.

Remember, that selling is a transference of feeling. What you truly ARE will speak so loudly, that often the prospect may not even hear what you say.

If you want the prospect to trust in you…be trustworthy.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 3 October, 2012

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