Power Of Positive Thinking In Sales

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Cartoon arms with thumbs upA new sales rep was having difficulty getting customers. The sales manager decided that the best way to increase his confidence was to let him negotiate with an easy customer who always renewed his contract.

The sales manager reviewed his plan with the rep and gave him details of the customer.

The sales rep met with the customer, and although he was a little surprised at the amount of selling he had to do, got the customer’s signature for a large new order.

Back at the office, the rep went to his boss to tell him that he had completed the task as agreed. But as he arrived at the office, the sales manager called out: “Am I glad to see you!

I’ve given you the wrong address. I’ve given you our most difficult prospect. Nobody’s ever been able to make a deal with him yet! Don’t go.”

Moral: In life you get what you expect to get.

Think about it…did the new rep know that he was visiting the hard customer? What if he had known? Would his confidence have been so high?

What made the difference in the salesperson’s >mind?

His expectations dictated exactly what he received. By going with the attitude that he was going to make the sale, it showed in his body language, his demeanor and his confidence. We get back, not what we deserve, but what we expect.

Go on today’s calls with an attitude that these will be great experiences…as one of our trainers says, he looks at everything from a positive point of view, because he doesn’t like the alternative. Take that example and you’ll be in a stronger frame of mind when you see prospects. And that can only be good for business!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 23 August, 2010

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