Symbiotic Selling – Ever Heard Of It?

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Businessman holding question markHave you heard of symbiotic selling?

Symbiosis is a cooperative relationship between two dissimilar organisms in which both organisms receive beneficial reinforcement (mutualism).

Like a shark and a remora fish. The remora will enter the shark’s mouth and clean out debris, getting food and protection. The shark gets clean teeth and gills, allowing it to swim in new waters more efficiently. That’s in the biological world. What about our world?

A cooperative relationship between the sales person and a customer is the foundation for building a profitable partnership.  Just like the relationship between the shark and remora, you need the customer and he or she needs you.

Symbiotic selling harmonises your products and services with your customer’s needs. It delivers a level of service that makes you indispensable to your customer. It creates a relationship with your customer that is far beyond a transactional arrangement. And it develops a loyalty to your brand that is hard to break.

How will the customer benefit if you establish a symbiotic relationship with them?

Just as the shark will be able to swim in new waters, your customer will be able to enter new markets and identify new opportunities.

How will you benefit from the arrangement?

You will enjoy the special relationship that preferred supplier status will create. And you’ll help develop new markets for yourself as your customer will refer you to prospects you wouldn’t have known about without your new relationship.

By building this close consultative partnership with your customers, you reduce the emphasis of pricing for your products and services, as your client becomes an advocate of your company. This develops trust and builds mutual respect.

Help your customers swim in new waters. Become their remora by offering the kind of service your competition can’t match. Then watch the business relationship (and your profits) grow.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 1 June, 2010

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