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Use This Simple Technique To Get The Decision Maker On-Side

When we are putting our presentations together for a client meeting, we often, if not always, concentrate on the overall benefits to the client of our products and services. We concentrate on what our products will produce for them, how they will make them more competitive in the market place, the profitability they will bring or the increased productivity that…

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The 5 Stages Of The Buyer’s Decision Making Process & How To Utilise It

How do you make a decision? Ever thought about it? Many of us have, and have used the facts behind decision-making in identifying how they should work with clients. But many more haven’t studied this subject and consequently lose the ability to influence buyers in making decisions that will progress a sale and take the prospect on a journey of…

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6 Phrases You Must Avoid When Speaking With The Decision Maker

So, your company has spend gigillions of pounds or dollars on leads and passed them onto you. Your job is to seek out the decision-maker and make them say ‘yes’ to an appointment and ultimately sign up to buying your products and services. You pick up the phone and, when connected to the decision-maker, start giving them reasons why they…

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The 5 Stages Of The Customer’s Decision Making Process

When people make decisions, they have a shift of perspective. That is, they stop wondering about the choices they can make and now start to live with the consequences of that decision. The word comes from the Latin “Desicio”, literally meaning ‘to cut off from’. So when your prospect makes a decision, he or she is cutting off from any…

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Finding Out Who The Decision-Maker Is

There’s one bug-bear that most salespeople tell us about when we run programmes for them. And it’s the lack of ability to get the decision-maker’s name when calling a company. Now, I totally understand the rationale behind why many companies have a ‘no-name-policy’ and don’t share the buyer’s names with callers. It saves time and stops hindrance-calls when they aren’t…

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