How To Differentiate Between An Objection & An Excuse

Many salespeople face a dilemma when they experience an objection from a customer or prospect. Lots of buyers have objections fitted into their wiring systems, so they are programmed not to go overboard with their enthusiasm for your product. They think that an objection such as price or delivery will get you to reduce the price or change delivery terms….

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5 Mistakes Salespeople Make That Attract Customer Objections

It’s not easy being in sales these days. All the pressures of hitting targets, completing your sales plans, competitive activity…it can sometimes feel as if it’s all too much. Many salespeople heap more pressure on themselves by making mistakes that actually attract objections from prospects and customers. The prospect may really want the product or service you can provide….then you…

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How To Use Silence When Answering Objections


I’m asked for phrases on how to respond to objections all the time. But one phrase you could try is by responding by saying nothing! “Your prices are too expensive” says the prospect. You respond with…… Nothing! All it will take is a nano second of silence and the prospect will feel the need to fill in the silence and they…

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3 Ways To Ensure Price Isn’t The Main Criteria For Decision Making

Many salespeople believe that their customer base revolves around the concept of price. That is, price is the be-all and end-all of their decision-making process. Certainly, if they listen to what many of their prospects say, you can understand the reasoning. Expressions like: “You’ll have to do something with your price before we can even consider this” or “What’s the…

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Is A Sales Objection An Unanswered Question?

When we ask buyers what they look for in their suppliers, we often get a response along the lines of ‘we want someone we can trust and makes us look good in some way’. This is a fairly obvious conclusion, but it begs the question ‘why don’t salespeople recognise this when in the sales process and what can they do…

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How Do You Respond To ‘Send Me More Information’?

So you’ve finally got through to the decision-maker and had some form of conversation with them. They seem interested in what you have to offer. You get a tiny thrill of excitement, as you think this could actually be a sale in the offing. Then they say those deflating words that make your heart sink. “OK send me a brochure…

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Here Is One Interesting Way To Deal With An Objection…

Often in a meeting, you’ll get to the point where the prospect brings up an objection. This is the point where the disadvantages of your solution or concerns they have about it outweigh the benefits they would get from choosing it. Many salespeople at this point would handle the objection and move on. But there’s an interesting technique that might…

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Objections: Why They Occur & How You Can Prevent Them In The First Place

If there is one question that occurs the most on our sales programmes, it has to revolve around dealing with objections. Many delegates say that if they could just have the magic wand to overcome objections, they would love their job. But because salespeople allow objections to be raised in the first place, they face the uphill task of having…

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Handling Objections – Infographic

One of the biggest hurdles facing sales people is the objection raised from the prospect. Using the tactics in our infographic below, handling objections will now be a doddle! TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL SIZE INFOGRAPHIC PLEASE CLICK HERE (Image by MTD Sales Training – please attribute if republished) Happy selling! Sean McPheat Managing Director MTD Sales Training  

The Best Question To Ask When A Prospect Rejects Your Price

It happens every day in most sales interactions. You’re having a great conversation with the prospect, building up value and creating real desire in their minds for your solution. They seem to be interested in what you’re saying, and you have great confidence you’re going to make the sale. Then they ask about the price. You confidently give the price…

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