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Avoid Five Errors That Many Salespeople Make

Most of my working life has been spent in sales. There have been examples of good, bad and ugly that have stayed with me over the years. During the time that I’ve been involved in training and coaching salespeople, I’ve seen and experienced ideas and techniques that have worked so well that I have been convinced and persuaded to buy….

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10 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail

In our consultancies and trainings with salespeople, we consistently get asked how to be successful in the career they have chosen. There are so many answers to this question, and many books have been written with authors’ opinions on what makes people a success in sales in today’s modern world. I thought it appropriate to discuss this from the opposite…

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3 Ways To Mess Up A Perfectly Good Sale

I teach a lot of “Best Practices” here at MTD Sales Training. However, every once in a while, it’s time to explore some of those “Worst Practices.” You can do a few things at the end of the sales process that completely ruins everything. The prospecting process went perfect. One telephone call set the appointment and the sales interaction went…

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3 Ways NOT To Handle The Prospect Who Is Shocked By Your Price

You went through the entire sales interaction without much problem.  However, as soon as you mention the price, the prospect, noticeably stunned, slips into a comatose gaze, and a look that says, “Are you kidding?!” As mentioned in, “3 Ways To Handle The Prospect Who Is Shocked By Your Price,” when the sales interaction fails to uncover problems and pain…

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What This Means To You Is….

During the past 2 weeks my wife and I have had about 6 different conservatory companies around our house giving us quotes. The standards of salesmanship have been appalling to be honest. The two biggest problems that they had was: (and please avoid these yourself!) 1. Not qualifying me up front One guy had DVD’s, a slick presentation, “salesmans patter”…

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Don’t Under Promise And Over Deliver

If you’re a subscriber to the “under promise and over deliver” philosophy then you’ll probably not survive in sales for too long. I’ve read so many books that say you must under promise and then over deliver and I just shake my head at every single one! Here’s why: 1. If you under promise you’ll most likely not win the…

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Truth in Selling

Truth in Selling There is a big difference between what’s legal and what’s right. As professional sales people, we must hold integrity above all else, including the letter of the law. Honesty is key, misleading, deliberately confusing and bamboozling sales advertising, literature and talk is no more acceptable today than the old school smile and dial rhetoric of the past….

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The Truth In Ad Sales

Hi there – something a little lighter for you… This clip is funny! [youtube=] The Truth In Ad Sales is a spoof set of ad sales, the buzz words and what staff are really thinking! So you’ll want to watch this ASAP to make sure you get an ROI, OK? – You’ll see what I mean when you watch it!…

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Getting Voicemail Returned

1 minute, 22 seconds! That’s how long a voicemail message was for me that I picked up last Friday! And yes it was from a sales person too. “Hi Mr McPheat, this is Jo Smith from ABC. Sean, we offer…” And the sales call went on and on and on. It ended something like “Sean, so if you’re interested please…

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Conservatory Selling

Phew, what a scorcher today was! So we decided to go to our local garden centre to have a wonder around and we ended up in the conservatory section! My 2 year old daughter and I were looking at some plants and I look around and find my wife talking to a salesman about a conservatory. I wish I could…

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