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What To Do When Your Experienced Sales People Have Lost Their Edge


They were once the sales people that you could rely on every month to pull in the numbers for you. But now for some reason they have gone stale. They seemed to make it look so easy but for some reason they’ve either lost their motivation, their hunger, skills or all of them! So what can you do to reignite…

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Is Sales The Best Job In The World?

One of my clients was discussing with me a few weeks ago how the attitude of salespeople has changed over the years. He now employs a lot of ‘millenials’ in his business and has recently noticed how they have become a lot more negative in their endevours. My client mentioned that one salesperson had remarked how he wouldn’t have chosen…

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How To Overcome 3 Main Limiting Beliefs In Sales

I remember seeing a psychologist on TV talking about how he worked with people on how to change their lives for the better. He succeeded with some people and had not such big success with others. When asked what made the real difference and what caused them, he said it really boils down to the belief system of the individual….

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Double Your Sales With A Sat Nav?

It’s my lifeline, my saviour, my instant access to finding new destinations. Yet, since I started using satellite navigation systems, I have been lulled into a false sense of security, allowing it to control my thoughts and, against my better judgement at times, leading me down roads and motorways I would have been best avoiding. Still, I’d rather have it…

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4 Ways To Stop Sounding Like You’re Begging For Their Business!

I was asked to go on a sales call once by a Sales Manager with one of his sales people who wasn’t bringing home the bacon. He asked me to observe this salesperson to see what might be done to assist his development. What I noticed was he was being a really nice person, minding his manners, listening well and…

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Can Online Meetings Really Help You To Close The Deal? Part 2

Earlier this week we brought you the first installment of my Q&A Session with Mark Jones who is Head of Learning & Development at MeetingZone Ltd. MeetingZone specialise in unified communications, web conferencing, webinars and conference calls – and I met with Mark to discuss how these methods can help the average sales person save time and close more sales….

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6 Ways To Accurately Measure How You Differentiate From Your Competitor

Today’s world is merciless if you don’t match your competitive offers and design quality. The business road is littered with companies who have failed in their attempts to launch or develop product or service offerings that fell short of the competitions. How can you differential effectively against your competition? What can make you stand head and shoulders above them so…

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The 11 Worst Excuses Sales People Make When They Miss Their Targets

When I managed a team of salespeople it was always interesting to hold meetings with them when their targets hadn’t been met. I often had to smile to myself when they were avoiding eye-contact, rubbing their hands together, breathing heavily, umming and erring as they tried to find specific reasons to back up their poor performance. It’s natural for someone…

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How To Guarantee Your Audience Will Sit Up And Take Notice

Once in a while, I come across a film or video that makes an impression on me and I say to myself that I have to let as many people as possible see it. This particular short film amused and intrigued me at the same time. You know when you fly in an aircraft that the safety film is really…

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Would You Employ Any Of Lord Sugar’s Apprentices?

Yes, it’s excruciating, painful and hilarious. But it’s also a great study programme for those of us interested in the psychology of the fame-seeker. And the interest is shaken, stirred and served up with a delicate slice of hyperbole in this season’s BBC1 extravaganza, The Apprentice. I love to see how these obviously intelligent people in a past life actually…

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