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6 Components That Add Up To A Sale (And How To Utilise Them…)

We often get asked for the Holy Grail of selling, that one thing that would increase sales exponentially. Without being patronising, we say there really isn’t just one-size- fits-all when it comes to sales. But there are a series of components that, when applied together, help you achieve the sale more often than not. To check if there is a…

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3 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Future In Sales

I came across three interesting quotes while doing research the other day, and they all give an insight into the future of sales. See what you think when you read these: “The modern consumer is digitally-driven, socially-connected and mobile-empowered. Sales reps will need to adapt or be replaced” – Jill Rowley, Evangelist for Social Selling “Your lead-generation methods need to…

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The One Small Mindset Change That Rockets Sales Success…

I’ve always admired Jim Rohn. His insights into the deep philosophies of life always touch a nerve and his laid-back delivery is one that I admire. His untimely death has left a big gap in the motivational speaker’s circuit, but you can always catch his great talks on YouTube, or similar. One of his great quotes that resonates with me…

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“I’ve Been Selling This Product For Years” – So What?


Albert Einstein once said that ‘Imagination is greater than Knowledge’. I’ve always admired this thought, because often I’ve come across people who think that, just because they’ve been selling for many years and they have more product knowledge than their team mates and most of their prospects, then that’s all they need to be successful. It set me thinking about…

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A Sales Lesson From…Bird Droppings?

I read an amusing story recently that made me think seriously about being a victim of circumstances and the attitude we should have about things. Apparently, reports had been coming in about a massive pile of bird droppings that had been building up at the Amherst Town Hall attic area, in Massachusetts, USA. Naturally, this was causing a health hazard,…

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Why “Always Be Closing” Is Not The Only ABC In Sales…


Years ago, I was working with a salesman who considered himself to be one of the best in his business. If he ever failed, he said that it was the prospects that the company gave him that caused the problem, not him. If profits from his accounts were down, it was the customer’s fault for wanting something for nothing. It…

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Should A Sales Person Always Trust Their Hunches?

John Adair tells a story about Conrad Hilton, the Hotel magnate, who was once trying to buy a Chicago Hotel. The deadline was looming for the sealed bids to be placed and Hilton submitted a bid for $165,000. He went to bed that night feeling vaguely uncomfortable with that bid, even though the maths seemed right. He woke the next…

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What To Do When Your Experienced Sales People Have Lost Their Edge

They were once the sales people that you could rely on every month to pull in the numbers for you. But now for some reason they have gone stale. They seemed to make it look so easy but for some reason they’ve either lost their motivation, their hunger, skills or all of them! So what can you do to reignite…

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Is Sales The Best Job In The World?

One of my clients was discussing with me a few weeks ago how the attitude of salespeople has changed over the years. He now employs a lot of ‘millenials’ in his business and has recently noticed how they have become a lot more negative in their endevours. My client mentioned that one salesperson had remarked how he wouldn’t have chosen…

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How To Overcome 3 Main Limiting Beliefs In Sales

I remember seeing a psychologist on TV talking about how he worked with people on how to change their lives for the better. He succeeded with some people and had not such big success with others. When asked what made the real difference and what caused them, he said it really boils down to the belief system of the individual….

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