10 Stalls That Customers Use As Objections

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Businessman holding objection cardWhy do objections occur in the first place? There can be many reasons, but it generally boils down to the fact that not enough value has been raised in the customer’s mind.

If it had, you wouldn’t be facing an objection; you would be heading toward gaining a commitment. But not all objections actually turn out to be real. Many situations that occur between salespeople and clients actually turn out to be stalls, or requests for more information.

Here are ten stalls that customers often use when they don’t have specific objections to what you are saying:

* We’re not ready to buy right now
* Give me some time to think about it
* I’m not sure if we have the budget for this
* Can we put this off for 3 months?
* Business is quite slow at the moment
* Price isn’t the most important thing to us
* I’ll need to talk this over with my partners
* We have an agency that does that for us
* We won’t be making a decision today
* We need to get two other quotes
* We’re quite happy with our current supplier

None of these are the actual objection. If you try to handle any of these stalls as if they really are objections, you will find they keep cropping up, simply because they aren’t the real reason why the customer isn’t progressing the sale.

If you hear any of the above, or something like it, dig deeper. Ask what the specific reason is behind what they are saying, so you can determine the real reason for why they are stalling.

For example, if they ask to put the decision off for 3 months, you could ask “What will be different in 3 month’s time?”

If they say that they will have next tax year’s budget sorted by then, you can determine if they would like your products or services earlier, if budget wasn’t the issue. If they say yes, then the real issue is only the budget, and you may be able to defer payment, while offering something of real value to the client. You have sifted through to the real reason for them not to say yes now, and covered it to their satisfaction.

This is your first step in overcoming the real objection. If you come up against a stall, probe further until you uncover what the real reason is.

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Originally published: 28 March, 2011