3 Great Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team

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Group of smiling business people raising their hands in the workplaceAs a sales manager, you are not only responsible for doing your job well, but for making sure your sales team accomplish their tasks and meet their performance goals. It is important to allow your sales people to concentrate solely on their responsibilities, meaning that you as a manager need to be accountable for your entire team.

One of the most effective ways to make sure your sales team meet or exceed the company’s expectations of them is to motivate them. The following 3 top tips will help you to motivate your sales team more effectively:

Give Them An Incentive

The majority of those in the workplace receive a set salary or an hourly rate to do their job. This is why an incentive or reward in addition to their wages truly motivates employees. As a sales manager you will know that there is always an opportunity for your group to perform better, and one way to achieve this is by offering them an incentive to achieve a certain goal.

For example, reward your employees with gift cards if they exceed a sales goal. Treat them to lunch if they have secured repeat business from an existing client. Or, allow them to go home an hour early on Friday if they have finished a report ahead of deadline. Whatever it is you are trying to motivate your employees to do, an incentive, even a small one, will provide them with a reward to strive for and work hard to get.

Praise Them For Good Performance

A kind word is often overlooked, but it can mean the world to a hard-working member of your team. Has a member of your team delivered exceptional customer service or managed to resolve a difficult issue for a client? Make sure to let them know that you recognise their accomplishment.

To take it a step further, praise them in front of others in the company. Get into the habit of announcing employee achievements at weekly meetings, no matter how small they are. This praise will likely make workers feel proud of themselves, and encourage them to work hard to be praised more often.

Lead By Example

If you want to truly motivate your team to give 100% at work, make sure that you are giving 100%, and lead by example. If you are expecting members of your team to work long hours and come in on weekends, don’t stroll into your office at 10am and take a two-hour lunch.

If you expect them to respect you, show how respectful you are to your managers. Leading by example is crucial in the workplace so employees can feel like their manager is only asking of them what they do themselves.

As a manager, you answer for your team’s performance. Therefore, it is up to you to motivate your employees to perform their work duties to the best of their abilities, and these 3 top tips will help.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 17 September, 2014

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