5 Reasons Why Pre-Call Research Is A Must

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Staff in a call centreHere’s a question to start your day.

‘If you’re going to make some contacts with prospects today, why should they bother talking to you?’

Now, if you answered with something like ‘because my products are better than the competition’ or ‘I know what people in their position need’ then maybe you need to take a step back first.

We’ve all heard that pre-call research is important, so it doesn’t sound like a scripted pitch you’ve made 146 times before. Any decent Telesales Training courseswill cover this.

Pre-call research is expected these days, especially with busy, time-poor decision-makers.

So, why should research before each call be a pre-requisite, no matter how short of time you are?

Here are five reasons:

1) It tells you whether this prospect actually is worth calling

There has to be a specific reason for calling that does NOT involve your product.

Prospects are NOT interested in your products.

That’s why you get a lot of rejection and disinterest up front…because they don’t want what you have.

If they did, they would have called you!

Your research gives you the knowledge you need to determine if this prospect is a ‘good fit’ for you and your services.

2) It gives you specific reasons to call the prospect

Just because they are on your list doesn’t mean they will welcome your interruption to their day with open arms.

Your research will highlight situations or circumstances where your products may be of use to them to solve the dilemma or offer opportunities.

You need to specify what your services could do for this particular prospect, and it will be different from every other prospect you call.

It enables you to bespoke your call to their specific issues.

3) It gives you confidence in your approach

Many salespeople dread prospecting because it mean rejection and that’s one thing humans dislike in sales more than anything else.

Research builds that confidence because it creates reasons for you to contact the prospect and discuss opportunities with them.

You now have motives and aims that didn’t exist before and this helps you to build the necessary confidence in yourself before picking up the phone or writing that contact piece

4) It makes you more efficient in your prospecting process

You’ll find that some prospects will want more information from you, that others are not interested in your services, and still others have issues and opportunities that point you in a different direction.

Your research helps you determine the best use of your prospecting time and allows you to improve your overall efficiency and effectiveness of your time and efforts.

5) It makes you a much more valuable resource to your prospects and customers

Imagine if you did no research before calling prospects.

You would become very myopic in your technique, concentrating on your products and services and possibly getting more and more insular as the rejections increased.

Your research actually gives you much more industry knowledge, allowing you to become a valuable resource to your prospects because you now have information that is beneficial to the marketplace.

You find out about challenges prospects are facing and how others are overcoming them.

You build up knowledge about competitors’ products and why customers are buying them.

And you create ideas for you to present solutions based on real needs of real companies.

That gives your prospects new reasons to be contacted by you, and offers new openings that wouldn’t have been clear to you before.

I hope these five reasons to do your pre-call research has given you the confidence to be professional and spend your time wisely in getting your prospecting up-to-speed.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 12 October, 2018

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