7 Sales Bloopers George Bush Style!

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Over the years I’ve been out on the road with hundreds of sales people to see what they do and how they do it.

And some of the things that I’ve heard have left me speechless to say the least. Now a well known former president of the USA was well known for getting his words mixed up so I thought I’d write down 7 of the best sales bloopers I’ve heard “George Bush Stye!”

1. “No problem Mr Prospect. We can supply that product at a 100% discount which makes it also most free. You can then pay for your next order in a months time” (Discount everything and it’s still not free? Definately from the Bush school of Mathematics)

2. “Good Morning James, I’ve had a snoop around on your website before coming here today and what you’ve done in terms of building the business is just very inspiring. I’ve also done a search on Google and found out what you’re planning in China too” REPLY: “Not guilty bud, my name is Tim and I’m just a pleb in accounts” (Mistaken identity at it’s best!)

3. “We’ve been going for 12 years and have got 46 staff. Our turnover is a little over £500,000 a year”
REPLY: “Only 500k and 46 staff? What do you pay them in? Fresh air?” (The salesman got it wrong and it should have been £5 million!)

4. “I’m new in this sales role so please be gentle with me. I’ll make sure that I’ll do you” REPLY “Do you?” SP “Sorry, I meant I’ll do a good job for you” (I think he was right the first time!)

5. “I appreciate the position that you’re in. If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t want to be spending a lot of money on our products either” (I think that totally came out wrong!)

6. “Thanks for seeing me today, I really appeciate you taking the time to see me. If we could be finished by 12 that would be great as I’m seeing XYZ at 12:30 across the City” REPLY “You don’t appreciate my time that much then?” (Oops! Beam me up Scotty)

7. “If I can just go through what we offer and what we do and then I’ll ask you some questions about what you need and whether we can help” (Oh dear and yes, there are still sales people who “show up and throw up” over the prospect!)

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 20 February, 2009

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