Decision Makers

How To Differentiate Between What The Customer Wants & Needs

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In conversations with salespeople, we sometimes ask if they know the differences between prospects’ needs and prospects’ wants. It may sound pedantic, but it can make a real difference in presenting solutions. Oftentimes, prospects will confuse their wants with their needs and vice versa. Their needs often revolve around the business; their wants often revolve around their personal gains. So,…

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3 Tips To Ensure You’re Selling To The Decision Maker

Salesman selling to clients at a meeting

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re talking to a prospect that the person isn’t who they say they are? By that, of course I don’t mean they are an imposter! No, but maybe they are claiming to have more power than they really have in the decision-making process. Sometimes it may be a ploy used by the customer,…

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5 Ways To Guarantee A ‘Yes’ From The Decision Maker

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That seems a bold statement. But we have experienced many meetings with decision-makers where these ways have proved successful. We share them with you in this article. How many times have you thought that it’s a shoeing you will get the business, only to be rejected at the last minute, or having to face a barrage of objections? It can…

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The 5 Stages Of The Customer’s Decision Making Process

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When people make decisions, they have a shift of perspective. That is, they stop wondering about the choices they can make and now start to live with the consequences of that decision. The word comes from the Latin “Desicio”, literally meaning ‘to cut off from’. So when your prospect makes a decision, he or she is cutting off from any…

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5 Ways To Become The Decision Maker’s Favourite

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Many companies we have worked with have measurements to ascertain the satisfaction of their customers with the products they sell, the back-up services they offer and the overall experience that their customers enjoy. However, it is possible that you could have a very satisfied customer who doesn’t use your services that often. It has to be appreciated that satisfaction does…

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3 Ways Sales People Can Destroy The Fear Of Indecision

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Many times, you will get to the position in the sale where you and the prospect are discussing moving forward with your product or service, and the progress stalls because the prospect fears making a mistake. Indecision is caused by people having fears that something will go wrong or another choice may have been better. The word ‘decision’ comes from…

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3 Methods That Will Give Your Prospect No Choice But Choose You

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No doubt you’ve heard the stories of customers who have changed their buying patterns and switched the companies they buy from, based purely on the fact the salesperson left one company and went to work for another. Their allegiance was with the salesperson more than the company and their products. Why does this happen? It’s normally because the buyer trusts…

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Use These Creative Sales Tactics To Get To The Decision Maker

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Sometimes do you just find it impossible to get through to the decision-maker? You call them, you write to them but they never get back to you? Well, over the years I have heard of some really creative and often radical ways to grab the attention of the decision-maker. So much so that they have given in and booked the…

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How To Use Both Logic & Emotion When Selling To Your Prospects

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Did you know that every buying decision is an emotional one? People buy something from you because they either want it or desire it. Wants and desires are emotional triggers and are much different to  a persons needs. Let me ask you a couple of questions: How many times in the past have you needed something but never actually purchased…

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The 5 Stages Of The Buyer’s Decision Making Process & How To Utilise It

Yes No or Maybe concepts

How do you make a decision? Ever thought about it? Many of us have, and have used the facts behind decision-making in identifying how they should work with clients. But many more haven’t studied this subject and consequently lose the ability to influence buyers in making decisions that will progress a sale and take the prospect on a journey of…

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