Objection Handling

Price v Cost

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Is it the Price or the Cost? How to Overcome the Price Objection I’m surprised so many sales people still have problems with objections on price. The reason is that when you hear, “Your price is too high…” it is really not about Price; it is about “Value.” When the prospect objects to your price, they feel that the value…

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Dealing With Price Issues

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Hi Don’t worry if you come up against price objections – in my book it’s a sign of real interest. Here are some things to consider around handling price objections. INFORMATION Make sure your prospect has all of the information to really understand and value your products and services. DON’T AGREE Don’t agree that your product is more expensive than…

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No Objections?

Jumping over objections

Last week I was asked to run an “Objection Handling” workshop for a company and I replied with “I don’t do objection handling courses”. I don’t believe in them. Here’s why… If you get an objection you haven’t actually asked the right questions and listened to the answers up front. It’s your job as a sales person to cut the…

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Handling Objections

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3 Useful Objection Handling Tactics When it comes to down to it, the way that you deal with your objections will either make or break the sale. Now I know that you are dead busy so here are just 3 useful objection handling tools and phrases that you can start to use right now! TACTIC # 1 SAY OTHER, “BIGGER…

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Buyer Reluctance

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Here’s a question that was sent through email a couple of weeks ago: “Some of my clients may know someone who has had a bad experience with another product ie. paid £3000 for it and then kept them in a draw. Could you please give me some tips on how to convince my client that that would not happen to…

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