Sales Motivation

What Is The Difference Between A Sales Person And An Order Taker?

We have all heard the phrases; an order taker or a sales person. However, what does that mean and what is the difference between the two? Take a look at this analogy… The Eagle and the Vulture The difference between a professional sales person and an order taker is similar to the difference between a vulture and an eagle. Whereas,…

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How To Forget About WHY You Lost The Sale

It is tempting sometimes, to want to wallow in pity, anguish and self-doubt after losing a big sale. As a professional sales person, you want to know WHY you lost the sale. You also want to know what you could have done better. The questions go through your head: 1. Was my discovery period good enough? 2. Did I uncover…

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Take These 2 Steps To Stay Positive When Everything Is Falling Apart

I believe in the power of positive thinking as much as anyone does, and in fact, more than most people. However, the truth is that sometimes, even if it is only on rare occasion, the proverbial bottom falls out, and thinking yourself into a positive attitude, just isn’t going to happen. The fact is that some things can hit you…

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection In Sales

A sales person with a fear of rejection is like a lifeguard with a fear of water. It is a serious problem. Although, faced with a constant flow of rejection, absorbing one “No” after another, it is only understandable to begin to develop a pessimistic anticipation when closing sales. In addition, those old thoughts like, “It takes X amounts of…

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A Powerfully Effective Sales Contest To Motivate Your Team

Sales incentive contents can be a positive force to help motivate your sales people to new levels of productivity and loyalty.  Alternatively, poorly constructed or inequitable sales challenges can result in anti-productive activity, resentment and rebellion. Below is a powerful idea for sales incentive programs that you can alter to fit your organisation, that will inspire your team and boost…

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Hot Tips For The New Sales Person

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Here is a very interesting question I received the other day from a new sales person.  It is a common problem that sales people who are new to the selling profession or are just starting with a new company; often run into. “I have just started with a new company and prospects seem to know that I am new right…

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How to Create Sales Contests that Increase Sales and Motivate Teams

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It is easy for a well planned, highly financed, rigorously promoted and eagerly anticipated sales contest to end in fewer sales, less motivation and an overall counterproductive result.  The following strategy will help you design sales and incentive contest that will motivate your sales team, increase sales and promote a winning atmosphere. It’s Never Too Late One of the problems…

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How to Keep the Sales Team Motivated: Set Activity Goals

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Keeping a sales team motivated and enthusiastic can be difficult especially in slow economic times.  One sure way to help with this is to set goals other than sales goals and targets and reward sales people for reaching them. Every Step in the Sales Process is Important Remember that closing the sale is only one step in a complete sales…

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4 Questions to Ask at the End of the Quarter

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So, we’re at the end of the first quarter of the year…hasn’t it just flown by? I trust things have been good for you, and you’re enjoying your selling? This is a good time to identify what you’ve done recently in your sales portfolio and what you can look forward to in the coming months. Here are some very effective…

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The Dreaded Stairs Its Amazing What You Can Get People To Do When You Make It Fun

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With 80-90% of the people not using the stairs at Stockholm Subway an experiment was started to see if more people would use the stairs if they made it fun…. The result? 66% of people now use the stairs! A great example example of what can be done with a little thought… All the best Sean Sean McPheat The UK’s…

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