Sales Motivation

It’s All In The Execution That Counts

Mature businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner

I trust you’re keeping well, and sales are good? Those of you involved in computer programming will know how important every line of a programme is. If just one instruction is left out, incorrectly written or in the wrong place, it can cause chaos. However, the most important line in a programme is the line that ends “.exe” Yes, it’s…

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Can You Really Motivate Your Sales Team?

Communicating with your team

“Hi Sean, No matter what I do I can’t motivate my team to make more sales. They are on good salaries, have good conditions and no matter what I say in team meetings or what I offer in terms of reward or recognition, I get nothing back! What can I do to motivate them? Vijay Lal ————————————— This is a…

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Team Hoyt – If This Doesn’t Inspire You Then Nothing Will

I don’t often get mushy or sentimental but when I see something with truly inspires me then it really gives me perspective on what and who I am as a Dad, a Husband, a Sales Person and as a Business Leader. So please have a look at this video about the inspirational quest of a Dad to give his son…

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Wellworths – From Woolies To Wellies – WellWorth It?

I just had to write a post about the TV programme I just watched. I admire a great business story and this was one of them….well at least it is for the time being. Wellworths was the brainchild of Claire Robertson. Former Woolworths Manager Claire and her team from the Dorchester branch were made redundant along with thousands of others…

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Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech For Sales People

Well, it’s a Friday and it’s time for reflection on the week that you’ve just had in sales. Did you give it your upmost best? What went well? What didn’t go so well? You see for us sales people, it’s the small things that count. It’s those one percenters that when you add them all up, make a huge difference…

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Do The Basics Extraordinarily Well To Exceed Your Sales Targets

You know, I’m asked every single day for sales tricks, mind tricks and strategies to help people just like you to close the deal. And of course there are ways to gain an advantage but in my book nothing can win over a genuine, caring and selfless sales person whose only interest is in helping you out. Here’s an example…

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Everyone Wants To Get Laid, Get Paid Or Live Forever!

Well not exactly, but my point is that whenever you sell anything you need to think about the motivations of your buyer. You need to think about what they want and need and what’s in it for them – PERSONALLY. As well as what’s in it for the company when they purchase your product or service, you also need to…

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Sales Mindset

Salesperson brain

As a sales professional you should not only improve your sales technique but you also need to improve your mindset and what goes on between those ears. Within sales you will most likely get more “no’s” than “yes’s” so you need to develop a thick skin and a positive mental attitude. So, instead of just learning how to close more…

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