Don’t Try and Overcome Objections.

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Two people discussingDon’t Try and Overcome Objections.

Ok, this is going to sound like a radical, even crazy idea at first. But if you stick with me, and think about this, you will see that it makes perfect sense. If you’re in the world of selling for any length of time, then you have come up against objections. Objections, a ‘bad word’ for many sales people, a time to fight for some or a challenge to rise to for others. Most sales people struggle with objections and want to know the best way to handle them.

Well, think about this: Who is it that has the objection? Is it YOU? No. You have no objection with your product or service and you would buy what you sell every time. It’s the prospective customer who has a “reason” not to buy. So then, why do sales people try to overcome an objection, when it is actually the customer who needs to overcome the objection?

I’m not being sarcastic or funny here, I’m serious. You see, sales people do everything to come up with ways to overcome an objection when it isn’t really possible. Sales techniques teach you, the sales person has to do all sorts of things to overcome an objection, when the truth is it’s the prospect that has to overcome the objection. If the prospect objects on price, they’re the ones who need to get over the price, not you. It is the prospective customer who has to overcome their objection.

Ok, how do you HELP them overcome their objections? That is the key…HELP them. Start thinking differently about objections. Help the customer by giving them more information; more of an education, provide them with the knowledge they need and they will overcome their own objections!

Happy Objection Handling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 1 October, 2008

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